FFP's commitment to sustainability

FFP has been engaged in the conversion of flexible materials for use in various packaging applications for over 50 years. Over this time we have developed industry leading technical know-how in printing, lamination and conversion of various flexible materials into finished packaging formats. This includes printed and laminated reels for use in lidding and flow wrap applications as well as bags and pouches designed for a multitude of end uses.

With regards to sustainability, FFP are wholeheartedly committed to developing more sustainable materials and pack formats that can help to reduce the negative impact that some plastic materials can have on our environment. Our technical expertise and manufacturing capability encompasses various material substrates, including oil based plastic and non-oil based materials, and we are actively engaged in utilising these capabilities to innovate more sustainable flexible packaging solutions. Some of the initiatives we are currently engaged with include the use of alternative flexible materials such as paper, cellulose and corn-starch based products. Additionally we have recently been successful in introducing new flexible pack formats, such as bags and pouches, to a wider range of applications with a focus on significantly reducing plastic waste associated with more rigid packaging types.

Whilst FFP are absolutely committed to identifying new and innovative ways to reduce the unnecessary use of plastics in the packaging industry, we represent only a small part of a complicated supply chain. In order to have a more meaningful positive impact we believe that there needs to be a ‘joined-up’ effort across the industry including plastic producers, packaging converters, manufacturers, retailers, recyclers and government. Our membership of CEFLEX will undoubtedly help in the evolution of the supply chain to this end. We also encourage and welcome further dialogue with our customers so that we can share ideas and help with information and education on what materials and pack formats are already available and on the opportunities that we see for future development.

For more information on FFP’s commitment to sustainability in relation to our own business operations and in the products we supply, please feel free to contact us.

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