A Breakthrough in Sustainable Packaging!

FFP have launched the first resealable pack in the UK that can be collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system.

FFP have wholeheartedly committed to the development of more sustainable materials and pack formats that can help to reduce the negative impact that some materials can have on our environment. Their new Reseal & Recycle pack was developed to offer an immediate packaging solution that utilises current resources and can be completely interchangeable with current packaging formats.

The Reseal & Recycle pack comprises of an all polyester tray, polyester lidding film and polyester resealable label. All three components are designed not to be separated and as such, the entire pack can be collected via the PET bottle, pots, tubs and trays waste stream. This is a significant step forward in recyclable packaging with the pack being classified as Widely Recycled by OPRL. Throughout the design process, FFP worked closely with Viridor to ensure that the entire pack would survive the sorting process in order to be separated ready for recycling. The test was passed with no drop off in sorting rate versus standard trays. Once sorted and recycled, the material will typically be reused as the core layer in an R-Pet tray.

Already being recognised within the industry for its ability to address an extremely complicated and significant environmental issue with an immediately available solution, FFP’s Reseal & Recycle pack won the prestigious Innovation Showcase award for “Most Innovative Pack” at the Packaging Innovations show held at the NEC in February this year. Voted for by visitors to the show including; food producers, brand owners and retailers, this recognition from within the industry rubber stamps FFP’s ability to recognise and react to industry demands with innovative and effective solutions.

This breakthrough in recyclable packaging is also available as a Twinseal & Recycle pack. Offering all of the advantages of the Reseal & Recycle pack, but providing twin reseal labels which is ideal for two complementary products that can be offered in the same pack but separated and accessible through their own resealable label. Both pack formats can be designed to suit all products and offer significant benefits to the consumer; as well as the convenience of being collected through an existing waste collection system, they are easy to open and can be resealed multiple times maintaining product freshness. They can also be conveniently stacked in the cupboard or fridge and as there is no need to decant the contents into an alternative container, ensuring brand visualisation is maintained.

FFP is a fully BRC accredited site with AA rating and are approved by all of the UK retailers for printed flexible packaging.

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A Breakthrough in Sustainable Packaging