Development Kitchen

Real-world packaging solutions

Our fully fitted Development Kitchen is at your service to prove new ideas, bring new innovations and new FFP Development laboratoryinsights to fruition and to help create the next generation of flexible packaging. By developing new ideas 'live', we can see how they perform, and test the ways that people interact with the products that we propose. We can cook, prepare and test food, apply the packaging in both domestic oven and microwave use, and perform a variety of tests both before and after cooking.

Important as proof of concept, the Development Kitchen is an important tool for Fit4Launch, part of our Launch Control process that guarantees a fully-tested, robust product launch, delivered to your budget and deadline. Check out the Launch Control page for more.

FFP Development Kitchen

We use the Development Kitchen along with our laboratories to understand pack performance, to see how food cooks in a 'real' situation. For Esterpeel packs, we have a production-standard semi-automatic heatseal lidding machine so that the lidded packs we test in the Development Kitchen perform exactly as they will do in your customer's kitchen.

Other Development assets:

  • Tray Sealer – Industrial semi-automatic tray sealer for lidding development and specific customer projects including a library of tooling
  • Heat sealer – both constant heat sealers and impulse sealers
  • Leak tester – for measuring integrity of the seals created by our film
  • Burst strength tester – to measure the strength of the pack and material specifications
  • Gas analysing – Carbon dioxide and oxygen gas analysis for assessing barrier and seal effectiveness
  • Haze and transmission – to measure clarity and clarity of packaging
  • Oxygen permeability testing – Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) for matching customer film specifications and measure respiration rates
  • Hot tack tester – for measuring the initial seal strength of film to ensure it can withstand filling after initial sealing (VFFS/HFFS)
  • PAA testing equipment - Primary aromatic amine testing to ensure that our ovenable packaging complies with European legislation.

Product and process control

  • Peel strength tester – Confirm lamination bond strength
  • Slip tester – measurement of Coefficient of Friction (CoF) for optimum line performance
  • Gauge tester – to confirm film thickness
  • Gas Chromatograph – to confirm that all chemicals used in production have been removed
  • Perforation tester – Equipment to monitor the size of the laser perforated hole
  • Static measuring equipment – batch testing of reels to ensure static electricity levels remain within strict limits

For more detailed investigations we have strong links with expert external bodies such as Smithers Pira.


This is just another way we work with our customers to build long-term partnerships and to add real benefits to our relationship with them.

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