Estercook - World Leader in Ovenable Packaging

Category-defining and multi award-winning, Estercook packaging adds value, safety, taste and convenience to your products

Developed with DuPont Teijin Films, Estercook has become the benchmark for ovenable packaging, with all the benefits of FFP's project management expertise

Perfect for all Proteins

Estercook is perfect for for all types of proteins - chicken, beef, lamb, fish and even rabbit have all benefitted from Estercook ovenable packaging. Direct from fridge or freezer to your customer's microwave or oven.

Estercook for Food Safety

Estercook for safety - with campylobacter remaining a present danger within the poultry food chain, Estercook provides an important physical barrier between the consumer and any potential contamination.

Estercook Adds Value

Estercook for profit - every project Estercook has featured in has shown substantial growth. So much so that we have developed a specialised ongoing business protocol, Optimised Landing, to help us work together to manage the growth of the new product line.

A Wide Variety of Pack Formats

Estercook versatility - flow wrap, quad pack, stand-up pouch and pre-made bag formats are all available, meaning that you can preseent your product in the most dynamic and eye-catching way possible. All backed up by FFP's award-winning print and lamination to give you the winning edge.

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Excellence in Ovenable Packaging

Estercook Success Stories

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