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No Touch, No Mess, Roast In Bag

In millions of packs across more than 100 designs and in almost every protein category, Estercook ovenable packaging has enabled amazing innovations, driving sales, lifting profits and demanding shelf space all around the world.

Estercook has defined a new category - from supermarket shelf to the oven to the table without once having to touch the product, Estercook adds value right across the protein ranges.

FFP work hand in hand with you throughout the run-up to product launch and then help you manage on-going business growth, supported by FFP's Launch Control and Optimised Landing project management and supply optimisation frameworks. Click on the links to learn more.

Estercook Ovenable Roast In Bag Packaging

The Estercook concept means that there is no risk of contamination in the kitchen - raw protein stays separate from everything else and Estercook removes the need for the consumer to touch the product. And, because the product remains in the roasting pack, it is moist, succulent and delicious, reinforcing customer loyalty and re-buy. Estercook is a unique technical solution based on specially heatseal coated polyester.

Design options include full colour high quality flexo print, or aluminium foil or paper elements. Estercook may optionally be laser-perforated.

Estercook Cook In The Bag - a solution to Campylobacter

Estercook ovenable packaging presents an additional opportunity for retailers to provide peace of mind to consumers and reduce the risk of his serious infection. Uncover more about how oven and roasting bags reduce the risk of campylobacter infection.

Cook in Bag Flow wrap or pre-made bag

Estercook ovenable packaging is available either on the reel ready to run on your packaging line, or as a pre-made bag ready to fill. We will work with you make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ovenable cook in bag Compliance

We have 30 years of experience in high temperature applications through our Esterpeel lidding range, and have developed a rigorous testing and approvals routine to confirm food safety and material compliance. Please click here for a page specifically on this subject, or contact us to ask our technical team about any particular query you have.

Just Delicious roast in bag food

Roast in Bag Tesco Beef

The Oven Bag is an ideal cooking environment. The inside of the pack stays moist, and the 'steamy' atmosphere means that the food remains succulent and delicious. Manufacturers can add value by including a sauce or other coating, which will infuse the fish or meat as it cooks.

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