Specialists in heatseal topweb lidding for more than 30 years

The industry's favourite lidding - reliable, versatile and proven

The market leading range of heat sealable lidding films for preformed trays.

Esterpeel - the Lidding Film Standard

FFP's Esterpeel range has set the standard in top web heatseal lidding films for three decades. Esterpeel has the proven name, the proven technology and FFP has the proven expertise that makes Esterpeel and the Esterpeel Service the standard by which all others are judged.

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Whatever the tray, whatever the peel - a great topweb range

There is an Esterpeel for every tray in general use. C-PET, A-PET, rPET, PS, PP, HDPE, PET lined board, PVC, paperboard, right through to Aluminium foil trays, the Esterpeel range has a film to suit. Smooth-peeling or weld seal to suit your needs. Click below for a grade table and data sheets.

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Technical Support in our Factory and on your Packing line

Esterpeel technical support starts when we specify the product. Our development kitchen and a production-standard tray sealer means your trays are tested under realistic conditions. We monitor results carefully through production trials, and our famous Optimisation Audit maximises your packaging efficiency.

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Check out the FFP calculator. Know your lidding needs.

Take a look at our calculator, which will help you calculate a whole host of regular film usage numbers; work out how much film you need for a particular production order and estimate the production cost, calculate amount of film you have on hand. A variety of calculations let you work with the data you have to hand.


Tell us about your requirements, and let us show you how Esterpeel from FFP can help you add brand value.

We also have a LinkedIn Group, providing you a forum for users and brand owners to share their knowledge and experiences of using Esterpeel. Please click here to visit the group.

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We create new value

For more about us, the way we work and how we innovate to add value to the work we do for you use the links above. Check out our News section and see how we take on the challenge of a design, and in the technical area you can calculate your film usage to help you optimise your results.

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