Esterpeel - the Lidding Film Standard

FFP's Esterpeel range has set the standard in top web heatseal lidding films for more than three decades. Esterpeel is the proven name, the proven technology and FFP has the proven expertise that makes Esterpeel and the Esterpeel Service the standard by which all others are judged. Not only that, but we back it up, with an experienced technical team to support you in the lab and on your line to make sure your critical operations run as smooth as silk.

Whatever the tray, whatever the peel - a great topweb range

There is an Esterpeel for every tray in general use. C-PET, A-PET, rPET, PS, PP, HDPE, PET lined board, PVC, paperboard, right through to Aluminium foil trays, the Esterpeel range has a film to suit. Smooth-peeling or weld seal to suit your needs.

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Top Quality Topweb Technical Support

Esterpeel technical support starts when we specify the product. We have our own development kitchen and a production-standard tray sealer, so we can test your trays under very realistic conditions. We monitor results carefully through production trials, and our famous Optimisation Audit makes sure your film use is minimised and your production efficiency is maximised while ever you purchase Esterpeel films.

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