FFP Estapeel Calculator - Flexo Coverage Calculator & Packaging Audit


Usage Calculator

Cost from Wraps

No Wraps Cost (£) / 1000 Wraps        
      = Answer

No of Kg (from Metres)

Width (mm) Linear Metres m2 / kg      
    = Answer

No of Wraps (from Metres)

Reel Length (Mtr) Repeat Length (Mtr)        
      = Answer

Cost per 1000m

Width (mm) £ / Kg m2 / kg      
    = Answer

No of Kgs (from Wraps)

Repeat (mm) Width (mm) No of Wraps m2 / kg    
  = Answer

Cost per Square Metre

£ / Kg m2 / kg        
      = Answer

Cost per 1000 Wraps

Cost (£) / Kg No Wraps / Kg        
      = Answer

No of Wraps (from Kg)

Kg m2 / kg Repeat (mm) Width (mm)    
  = Answer

Wraps / Kg

m2 / kg Repeat (mm) Width (mm)      
    = Answer

Reel Weight in Kg (from Metres)

Reel Length (Mtr) Width (mm) m2 / kg      
    = Answer

Yield m2 / kg

        = Answer

Reel Length in Metres (Method 1)

m2 / kg Kg Width (mm)      
    = Answer

Reel Length in Metres (Method 2)

reel diameter (mm) core diameter (mm) gauge of film (micron)      
    = Answer


The Esterpeel calculator helps you calculate film usage based on the number of packs you want to produce, together with a number of other useful calculations around film usage.

Remember: The calculation assumes that your machines are set up to use the optimum amount of film, so book your Esterpeel audit to make sure that this is the case.

You will need to know the yield of your film in sqm/kg - use the data sheets as a guide.


  • All dimensions must be in metres except where specified
  • All weights must be in kg
  • Yield must be in sqm/kg
  • Recommended film width = TRAY WIDTH + 0.05m
  • Film repeat = TRAY LENGTH + 0.04m

We hope that you find the caclulator useful. Why not contact us to discuss your film use further, we may be able to help you optimise or reduce your film usage. We look forward to hearing from you.