Estersteam - repeatable, implosion proof steam cook film on the reel

Estersteam implosion proof microwave steam lidding

The Estersteam valve is an FFP innovation that turns a tray/lid combination, a pillow pack or a stand-up pouch into a perfect microwave cook container, adding value by cooking food more effectively, improving succulence and flavour, and improving "shelf-appeal". Estersteam is an innovation on a reel run at the same speed as your usual packaging - no implication for production.

  • Estersteam lidding - Estersteam valves are pre-applied, supplied on the reel at your specified repeat length, weld or peel-seal. Runs as a registered film.
  • Estersteam pouch - pre-made stand-up pouches, available clear or full-colour printed
  • Estersteam film - perfect for pillow pack. Add microwave steam capability to your pack
  • Estersteam valve opens part way through cooking - repeatable and reliable steam valve technology then shrinks away to avoid resealing - no risk of pack implosion.

Estersteam is another capital-free innovation from FFP - if you can run registered film, you should have no difficulty running Estersteam.

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