Fixed Colour Palette Printing - CMYK print for flexible packaging

Fixed Colour Palette Print

FFP have been approved by leading retailers including Morrisons, ASDA and Tesco, as suppliers of flexible packaging printed with ‘fixed colour palette’ (FCP), saving production time and set-up costs. Approvals were achieved using FFP’s market leading colour management and we made use of the latest developments in plate and imaging technology.

A typical design for Flexible packaging would be separated using the ‘process ink set’ of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) These colours would be used to create the photographic or ‘image’ parts of a pack, accompanied with a number of solid colours for the rest of the design, usually defined by a Pantone® or ‘Special’ colour reference.

On certain designs it is now possible to convert Pantone® or special colours to print from the CMYK Process set and accurately predict the results achieved on press via an Epson® proof which can then be submitted for customer approval.

Most designs will continue to be produced in the familiar way using Process set and Pantone® colours however we now have the flexible option to go down the FCP route on designs that lend themselves to the FCP process.

The FCP approach can offer significant advantages:

  • Easier design and repro
  • Savings on plate costs – only CMYK plus white needed
  • Savings on inks
  • Quicker make-ready and no wash-ups, so increased output and efficiency
  • Quicker to market

FFP has defined over a thousand ‘solid’ colours that we can create using the CMYK process set alone, achieving colour density and repeatability that has not been possible before, and we have created an FFP colour book, a reference library of colours that designers can specify with confidence, knowing that FFP will accurately replicate that colour on press.

Contact FFP for your copy of the FFP Fixed Colour Palette reference book and see what savings you can make.

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