Esterpeel Lidding Film Grades

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EsterpeelAPETCPETPVCPVC/PEPPPSAL FoilPET boardPE lined boardDual ovenableSeal type
Esterpeel User Guide.pdf
Esterpeel 1ep/cp
Esterpeel 1Eep/cp
Esterpeel 1EAFep/cp
Esterpeel 2sp
Esterpeel 3cw/hp
Esterpeel 5sp
Esterpeel F2sp/cp
Esterpeel FP1ep/cp
Esterpeel CPP


Esterpeel MWP


Esterpeel CPW


Esterpeel Lep/cp
Esterpeel PS2ep/cp
Esterpeel PCS


Esterpeel PEP AF+


Important: Please note that we would always confirm a recommendation of a grade by trialling on your line, so contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Esterpeel laminates are all fully printable removing the need for sleeves and labels. When using single ply Esterpeels, caution is advised to minimise ink transfer to sealing heads. FFP will advise on designs and release lacquer best practice.

All films can be supplied with a barrier to suit individual customer needs for MAP. Anti-fog properties can also be added to certain grades to enhance product presentation.

Sealing to A-Pet and foil is dependent upon the tray manufacturer.

contact us to discuss your lidding requirements