Esterpeel with Reseal-It, Resealable lidding on the reel

Esterpeel with Reseal-It is a tamper-evident, resealable tray lidding perfect for a wide range of products. The pack is made up from Esterpeel lidding film, which is then finished with the Reseal-It tamper-evident, reliable reseal component.

Maintain Production Speed - supplied on the reel

Esterpeel Featuring Reseal-It is supplied on a reel, ready to run on any standard heatseal lidding lines that can run registered film. Introduce high added value resealable packaging with no capital investment, and run at your normal production speed.

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Esterpeel Featuring Reseal-It can be supplied printed or plain, and means that there is no need for a clip-on lid, reducing pack weight and complexity. It also means that for many applications production speed can be increased because the process of applying the clip-on lid can be avoided.

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Pre-applied labels

FFP also have the capability to apply die-cut self-adhesive labels on any reel-fed film. The same principle that applies the reseal labels can be applied to a price flash, a 'NEW' label, or indeed a precisely positioned label to cover and replace incorrect information, potentially rescuing packaging that might otherwise have to be discarded.

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