FFP Optimisation Audit

FFP audit to make sure everything works perfectly

FFP Audit - An Expert View of your packaging line

Optimise performance, reduce usage, save money

We aim to become your flexible packaging partners, and we believe that means helping you to get the best from the packaging you buy from FFP right through your packing line.

The Optimisation Audit is a crucial element of CANI - Continuous and Never-ending Improvement, which is delivered as part of our Optimised Landing business management process, driving business growth and cost reduction.

Especially relevant for Esterpeel and Estercook customers, the Optimisation audit is an important component of this process. A regular on-site survey that checks every aspect of your usage to make sure that you are getting the best from your film. We will check:

  • Machine settings - are you getting the best seal and maximising efficiency?
  • Packaging widths - making sure the film matches the application, avoiding waste.
  • Film usage - storage, stock and usage
  • Film specifications - are you using the optimum film type? Small changes can give big savings


We'll give you a detailed, quantified report from our visit to help you take any action you need, so you continue to enjoy the hassle-free performance you expect from FFP flexible packaging.

That includes a scorecard that measures every element of the process, so you can track your efficiency and performance over time, across machines and across sites. A very powerful tool in driving efficiency up and costs down.

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