Managing Sales Growth and Continuing Supply- Optimised Landing

FFP’s Optimised Landing process follows on from the Launch Control product launch process and is our dedicated system to help manage growth and optimise on-going supply efficiency. When considering Estercook launches, double digit growth is the usual experience of our customers, with a doubling of sales not unknown. We understand that there are challenges as well as triumphs in strong business growth and Optimised Landing makes sure that we review, optimise and plan to make sure that materials are pipelined, designs are managed and progress is reviewed.

Optimised Landing incorporates a robust Optimisation Audit process that checks machine settings, film storage and material parameters. It also guarantees a cycle of 90-day CANI (Continuous And Never-ending Improvement) meetings where your FFP Project Manager will discuss the previous period’s business and agree with you the priorities for the next three months. That meeting also serves to bring forward new developments in materials, finishes and formats so you can be confident that you remain at the forefront of new ideas and the latest innovations.

Optimised Landing - working with you to drive growth, reduce costs and maximise value.

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