Roast in Bag Packaging Testing

Estercook is high temperature, ovenable packaging that is transforming protein categories throughout the retail environment. New ideas are coming through all the time and consumers are valuing the no-touch, no-mess packaging concepts created.

FFP tests to a higher standard, we believe, than any other manufacturer. With more than thirty years experience in high temperature applications via our Esterpeel lidding brand, we have a well-understood, well-proven route to a rigorous approval for all our packaging.

Everything we manufacture must comply with the Food Contact Framework Regulation (EC) 1935:2004, which says that it must not:

  • Endanger human health
  • Bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food
  • Bring about deterioration in the organoleptic (taste, smell, appearance etc) characteristics of the food

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Stage 1: Material Safety Testing

For the plastic films themselves that we use to create Estercook, and all our products, product standards are covered by the Plastic Implementation Measure Regulation (EC) 10/2011, and records are available to customers to confirm that everything we purchase complies with that standard.

Paper, aluminium foils, adhesives and inks are not covered by harmonised standards, so we use relevant EU member state national legislation and non-legislative recommendations. For substances that are in product groups that are not regulated and for which no legislative guidance exists for safe limits, predictive toxicological is used for the compounds based on chemical structural alerts and classifications (such as Cramer classification).

We use major manufacturers for all the components of our packaging, and they provide us with good information. Just to be sure, though, we undertake random testing to confirm that their values are correct. In practice, we have a relatively small roster of very high quality suppliers, supplying products specifically designed to be used at high temperatures.

Stage 2: Material Risk Assessment

Stage 3: High Temperature Packaging Product Testing

Only when all this testing is complete is a structure approved for use in your packaging.

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Standard Disclaimer

This Declaration of Compliance describes the status of the product(s) specified under General Product Information. The user of the product (or downstream user, if applicable) is responsible for ensuring that the finished food package complies with applicable migration limits in the food itself under actual conditions of use. Furthermore, the food packer is responsible for verifying possible interactions of the product(s) or its components with the foodstuffs (e.g. modification of odour, taste, consistency, migration etc.) which are to be checked prior to use and in function of the end-uses.

This declaration replaces all previous declarations for the same specification/ product. It remains valid until a change in the legislation or new scientific information changes the legal status.