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With pouches growing rapidly in popularity as a flexible packaging solution due to the benefits they offer in terms of branding, functionality and shelf appeal, it isn’t surprising to see them moving into the retort sector and rivalling more traditional canning methods for a wide range of applications.

Retort pouches are constructed from a laminate that is able to withstand the thermal processing used for sterilisation. The lamination structure does not allow permeation of gases from outside into the pouch which is a key factor in achieving the extended shelf-life without loss of flavour or nutritional value that is achieved through retortable packaging.

FFP have developed a retort pouch that is manufactured at our Northamptonshire facility and represents a strong, flexible and lightweight alternative to traditional canning methods that travels more efficiently through the supply chain, merchandises well on-shelf and offers brand owners a full-face branding opportunity. Our retort pouches can be supplied plain or printed, to your size requirements.

FFP are leaders in flexographic print technology and our outstanding print and lamination capabilities allow us to offer vibrant, eye-catching print solutions such as our own Platinum Print for packaging that really makes an impression and brings your packaging to life on-shelf.

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Manufactured in the UK
HD Printing
Custom size windows
Rounded corners
Matt, Gloss & Tactile coatings
Light weighting Opportunity
Wide range of sizes
Dynamic shelf presence


Retort pouches are an ideal solution to lightweight packaging for products that require extended shelf life and are an exciting alternative to more traditional canning methods. The lightweight nature and shape of the pouch allows the product to be packed more economically and moved more efficiently through the supply chain representing opportunities for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.

Pouches can be manufactured in bespoke sizes, so individual portions are easily produced. This in turn can reduce food waste which also has a positive impact on the environment.


Ready Meals
Soups, Gravies & Sauces
Rice, Pasta & Noodle
Microwaveable foods
Pet foods
Baby foods

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All of our products / materials are made to order, therefore minimum order quantities apply.

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