Our Approach - new ideas on a reel

Let us bring your product and pack vision to life

FFP's highly motivated team is focused on continuous development and growth; we innovate in response to our customers' needs. Faced with real-world problems we apply our materials and print knowledge to come up with a real-world solution.

Challenge us - bring us your products, let us share our experience and knowledge with you and let us help you create the innovation that will drive the step change in your product developemnts

Over the past 16 years we have launched six brand new, market leading packaging formats and, in 2016, we helped our customers create 801 new and updated designs. FFP is the world's leading manufacturer of printed ovencook film.

FFP's speciality is to increase brand value without the need for significant capital expenditure. In almost all cases, our ideas come on a reel, ready to run on a standard, unmodified packaging line.

Capital-free Innovations

The Estersteam valve

Functional packs such as Estersteam repeatable steam cookery film and of course our multi award-winning Estercook High Temperature packaging. New decorative ideas such as 'deli- bag' paper effect coatings. Esterpeel with Reseal-It label-based resealable packaging. Plus the wealth of every- day innovation and new ideas that go into getting every last drop of quality out of our print process.

Our Vision

FFP strives to continue to be a leading supplier in our chosen markets. We support this vision by on-going capital investment, innovation and product development. We further differentiate ourselves from our competitors by specialising in specific creative solutions and providing a bespoke customer service strategy.

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