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FFP have developed a recyclable lidding film that represents a major development in sustainable packaging. The resealable mono material lidding film, available in either PET or PP, has been designed to be used with a tray of the same material to produce the first mono material resealable pack in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system.

Manufactured at our Northamptonshire site, FFP’s recyclable lidding film offers an immediate packaging solution that utilises current resources and is interchangeable with current packaging formats.

Currently, the majority of local authorities in the UK do not collect flexible films at kerbside, therefore any packs with a film lid require the consumer to remove the lid prior to recycling the tray and dispose of it in their general waste, which is then sent to landfill or for incineration. FFP’s recyclable lidding film is not detached from the tray, allowing the consumer to put the entire pack into their pots, tubs and trays kerbside waste stream, ensuring zero lidding film waste needs to be sent to landfill. It runs easily on existing lines without impacting on manufacturing speeds and is cost neutral compared to existing reclose solutions.

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Esterseal is a recyclable PET lidding film, designed to be used with a PET tray and can be found on shelf in all major retailers across the UK. It lends itself perfectly to many categories within the food sector as it can be used on both pre-formed and thermoformed trays.


This is a PP version of this award winning technology. PP-Seal offers the same benefits and sustainability credentials as Esterseal, but it has been designed to offer a recyclable lidding film solution to products that use PP trays.


The first resealable lidding film in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and collected via the pots, tubs and trays kerbside collection.

Esterseal and the Plastic Tax

From the 1st April 2022, the UK government will implement a new plastic packaging tax of £200 per metric tonne on all plastic packaging components that do not contain at least 30% recycled material.

In the current climate when brands and retailers are trying to move packaging lines over to recyclable solutions, including PCR content represents a significant challenge. Esterseal is a PET lidding film and can be offered with 30% recycled content. This not only makes the packaging exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax but it also offers a solution that is classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and can be collected at kerbside.


Full pack opening
Single Material (PET or PP)
Multiple re-closings
High speed processing on standard lines
High barrier and anti-fog options available
Suitable for use on pre-formed and thermoformed trays
Packaging Reduction
Cost Neutral or less compared to existing reclose solutions
PET version (Esterseal) available with 30% recycled content

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Our original recyclable lidding film that allows consumers to recycle with confidence through their kerbside collection and has been classified as ‘recycle’ by OPRL.

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An ideal solution for a wide range of categories and products

FFP’s recyclable lidding film provides a sustainable packaging solution to a wide range of categories in the food sector. The pack opening can be tailored to suit the product and pack and Esterseal is compatible with pre-formed and thermoformed trays.


Prepared fruit
Dips & Coleslaw
Nuts & Dried Fruit
Fresh Meat & Fish
Cooked Meat
Fresh Vegetables
Food to go
Savoury Snacks

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Standard Disclaimer

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