FFP Packaging Solutions support Asda in launch of recyclable fruit punnets

FFP’s Esterseal lidding film has provided Asda with the opportunity to divert large volumes of plastic from landfill and make an estimated 5.5 million blueberry packs recyclable annually.

Lidding film on trays and punnets has always represented an issue with regards to recyclability as currently the majority of local authorities in the UK don’t collect flexible films at kerbside. Therefore any packs with a film lid require the consumer to remove the lid prior to recycling the tray and dispose of it in their general waste which in turn is sent to landfill or for incineration.

The Brief:

FFP are an existing flexible packaging supplier to IPL and market leaders in the development of sustainable packaging solutions. We have been working closely with IPL to identify opportunities to support Asda’s commitment to make its own brand packaging 100% recyclable by 2025. The challenge that faced them was finding a sustainable solution that utilised current waste streams whilst still maintaining functionality in order to keep products at their best for longer.

FFP had developed a new resealable lidding film called Esterseal, the first in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and were keen to share this innovation with IPL due to its huge potential in assisting them to meet their recyclable targets.

The Solution:

Esterseal is a resealable PET lidding film that has been designed to be used with a PET tray to produce a resealable mono material pack that can be collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system. The Esterseal lidding film is not detached from the tray, allowing the consumer to put the entire pack into their pots, tubs and trays kerbside waste stream and giving it the classification of ‘Recycle’ by OPRL. This solution eliminates the need for lidding film to be sent to landfill, whilst offering increased consumer convenience.

Asda’s own brand of blueberries were identified as the first product to move to this new technology and a number of trials took place to ensure the lidding film solution would function correctly with IPL’s blueberry punnets. The trials were extremely valuable and both parties committed fully to the project in order to launch a pack that could be recycled in its entirety.

Lee Harding, specialist packaging buyer at IPL commented:

“This project was extremely important to us as it allows us to divert huge volumes of plastic from landfill, which is an integral step in Asda’s journey to make all own brand packaging recyclable.” He continues, “We worked closely with FFP throughout the project and were extremely impressed with their technical expertise and commitment. We are now looking at several other produce lines to continue working together towards our sustainable goals”.

The blueberry punnets with Esterseal lidding film were launched in Asda stores and as well as diverting huge volumes of plastic from landfill, they provide a wide range of benefits to the consumer such as:

  • Ease of recycling as the entire pack can be collected at kerbside
  • Resealable multiple times to aid portion control and maintain produce freshness
  • Ease of Storage as the pack stays intact and can be easily stacked.

Esterseal is the latest sustainable innovation from FFP and reflects their commitment to develop materials and pack formats that can help to reduce any negative impact on the environment.

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