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Esterpeel is a market leading range of top web heat sealable lidding films that has been setting the standard in lidding film technology for decades. Our technical expertise and knowledge of lidding film technology is unrivalled and we share this knowledge to support you and ensure that the material runs smoothly and efficiently on your packing lines.

Whatever your sealing requirements, there is an Esterpeel product to meet your needs. It will seal to virtually all trays in general use such as C-PET, A-PET, rPET, PS, PP, HDPE, PET lined board, paperboard, right through to Aluminium foil trays and can provide seal performance to suit your application requirements. Our seal technology is world class and produces consistent, secure and peelable seals.

We can supply printed or plain film and our design solutions team will work with you to ensure your artwork is brought to life and stands out on shelf, whilst maintaining your brand identity. Laminates can be reverse printed for vibrant print quality that will last.

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All of our products / materials are made to order, therefore minimum order quantities apply.


Anti-fog available
High Barrier options
High temperature versions available
Can be punched and micro-perforated
Options for Frozen and Chilled applications
No sharding
Proven, Award winning technology
Outstanding clarity

Technical Data

Technical datasheets are available on our Resources page for each Esterpeel product.

Structure: Printed or plain mono or laminate
Barrier: Barrier options available
Print Process:


Maximum Number of Colours: 8
Sustainability Credentials: Recyclable version available
Finishing Options: Printed or clear, Recloseable options, micro-perforated, punched


FFP have developed Esterseal, a recyclable solution to lidding film. Esterseal provides a resealable PET lidding film that has been designed to be used with a PET tray to produce the first resealable pack in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and can be collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system.

Previously lidding film was unable to be collected and would have to be removed from the tray by the consumer and sent to landfill or for incineration. Esterseal however provides a solution that ensures zero lidding film waste needs to be sent to landfill and instead enables it to be collected for recycling.

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Esterpeel APET CPET PVC PVC/PE PP PS AL Foil PET board PE lined board Dual ovenable Seal type
Esterpeel User Guide.pdf
Esterpeel 1 ep/cp
Esterpeel 1E ep/cp
Esterpeel 1EAF ep/cp
Esterpeel 2 sp
Esterpeel 3 cw/hp
Esterpeel 5 sp
Esterpeel F2 sp/cp
Esterpeel FP1 ep/cp
Esterpeel CPP sp
Esterpeel MWP sp
Esterpeel CPW w
Esterpeel L ep/cp
Esterpeel PS2 ep/cp
Esterpeel PCS w
Esterpeel PEP AF+ sp

Download our Esterpeel User Guide

To ensure you get the best from your lidding film, we have produced a comprehensive user guide, covering everything from optimum storage conditions to line settings. To obtain your copy please complete the contact form below.


Frozen foods
Nuts & Dried Fruit
Ready Meals
Food to go
Fresh produce
Chilled foods
High Temperature

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All of our products / materials are made to order, therefore minimum order quantities apply.

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