Resealable packaging has experienced rapid market growth in recent times. The use of reseal labels in flexible packaging offers numerous benefits such as reduced food waste, easy accessibility, increased consumer convenience and the ability to have a tamper evident mechanism on printed film.

Reseal labels are becoming increasingly popular in the fresh and snacking foods markets and are enhanced by their potential sustainable credentials. The use of a printed reseal label can in some cases remove the requirement for a clip on lid which can offer huge weight savings. This in turn can not only cut down on the amount of plastic in packaging, but also have a positive impact from a logistical perspective by creating space and weight savings in transportation and reducing carbon emissions and of course costs.

Resealable packaging being printed

Constantia FFP Reseal


  • Ability to run film widths up to 650mm
  • Offer resealable packaging to a wide range of categories
  • Reseal label applied with a unique tamper evident mechanism onto printed film.
  • A flexible die is used to produce the easy-access opening and then the film is re-reeled ready to run as normal on the customers packing line with no need for modifications.


Constantia FFP have responded to market demand by installing a third reseal machine and in so doing have increased capacity and capability. The new line will accept film widths up to 650mm, which opens the technique to larger flow-wrap formats.

A Recyclable Solution

In 2019 we launched the first resealable lidding film in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and collected via the pots, tubs and trays kerbside collection.

Developed to offer an immediate packaging solution, Constantia FFP’s recyclable lidding film utilises current resources and can be completely interchangeable with current packaging formats. With a full pack opening it brings reseal technology to a wider range of market sectors and provides a solution that will ensure zero waste is sent to landfill whilst offering increased consumer convenience.

For more information on Constantia FFP’s Recyclable Lidding Film, please click here

Strawberries in a punnet
resealable packaging machinery
Resealable punnet of blueberries

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