The UK chilled food sector is extremely dynamic and has grown considerably in recent years. The market has been driven by the huge social, economic and demographic changes that have influenced our eating habits.

Limited time and higher disposable incomes combined with an increased desire to eat healthy more balanced meals has meant an increased demand for delicious nutritious foods that are great value and quick and easy to prepare.
There has been huge growth in the range of products available, so from fresh soups and pasta to ready-made quiches and prepared salads, chilled foods can be found on our tables and in most people’s lunch boxes and fridges. It is also now possible to purchase restaurant quality meals in the chilled food aisles of the supermarket and simply cook and enjoy them at home.

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Open packet of Fridge Raiders chilled packaging
EcoLam Chilled Packaging

Constantia FFP’s Chilled Packaging Solutions

Constantia FFP offers an extensive range of flexible packaging solutions for the chilled food sector. Our range of lidding films are perfect for dips, salad bowls and ready meals, and we can also provide lightweight recyclable lidding films that are resealable and can be collected at kerbside.

Our high-temperature packaging provides ovenable and microwaveable options that provide simple, convenient and consistent cookery of ready-meals and cook-in-the-bag meat and poultry.

Constantia FFP’s recyclable laminates and pouches offer a mono-material lightweight packaging solution to a wide range of products in the chilled food sector, such as dressings and marinades, chilled snacks and poultry. They are available with high-barrier options and can be recycled by returning to the store.

Chilled Food Packaging Range

Constantia FFP’s Solutions for the chilled food sector include:

Stand-up Pouches


Pre-made Bags

Pre-made Bags




Microwavable Pouch

Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap



Cold Seal

Cold Seal

Lidding Film

Lidding Film


Sustainable Flexible Packaging Solutions

Sustainability in packaging is increasingly becoming a key requirement for brands and Constantia FFP have responded by developing recyclable solutions that can be collected now through existing waste collection streams and lend themselves perfectly to the chilled food sector;

EcoLamPlus Chilled Pouch

Recyclable Laminates and Pouches

Constantia FFP can supply mono-material PE or PP laminates that can be recycled with carrier bags at supermarkets, as classified by OPRL and can be supplied as pouches, pre-made bags and film on a reel. They can be provided with high barrier and run efficiently on existing packing lines with no need for capital investment and modifications.
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Eterseal - Recyclable Lidding Film

Recyclable Lidding Film

Constantia FFP have developed a recyclable lidding film that has been classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and allows you to recycle with confidence. The resealable mono material lidding film, available in either PET or PP, has been designed to be used with a tray of the same material. The lidding film is not detached from the tray, allowing the consumer to put the entire pack in their pots, tubs and trays kerbside collection.
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EsterSeal Case Study Brochure Front Cover

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Esterseal recyclable lidding film is a sustainable packaging solution developed by Constantia FFP that is both resealable and fully printable and can therefore present an alternative to heavier plastic clip-on lids.

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Chilled Food Categories

Constantia FFP have been supplying innovative flexible packaging solutions to the chilled market for decades and can support your chilled food packaging requirements in a wide range of categories including:

Grated block of cheese on a board

Cheese Packaging

We have developed recyclable cheese packaging solutions that are available in a range of formats and provide sustainable packaging without impacting on shelf life.

Sustainable Cheese Packaging

Bacon in a frying pan

Bacon Packaging

We can provide a recyclable lidding film solution for bacon packaging that is compatible with pre-formed and thermoformed trays and available with 30% PCR content.

Sustainable Bacon Packaging

Sausages in a frying pan

Sausage Packaging

Our sustainable packaging for sausages can be recycled now in current waste streams and is available in a range of formats with barrier options.

Sustainable Sausage Packaging

Antipasti on a table

Antipasti & Dips

Reduce packaging weight by removing clip-on lids and switching to Constantia FFP’s resealable and recyclable lidding film that’s fully printable and can be collected for recycling at kerbside.

Antipasti & Dips Packaging

FFP Recyclable Cold Meat Packaging

Cold Meat Packaging

Our recyclable lidding film is ideal for cold meats and for ultimate consumer convenience, it can be resealed multiple times and collected for recycling at kerbside.

FFP Sustainable Cream & Yoghurt Packaging

Cream & Yoghurt Packaging

We can offer die-cut lids and reel-fed material to provide a sustainable solution for individual pots and multipacks.

Sausage Rolls & Other Party Food

Snack Packaging

Help to maintain product freshness and provide consumers with portion control by switching to Constantia FFP’s resealable packaging solutions that can be recycled now in current waste streams.

Lasagne Ready Meal Packaging

Ready Meal Packaging

We have decades of experience and expertise in providing high temperature flexible packaging solutions for both ovenable and microwaveable applications.

Bowl of tofu Vegan products

Vegetarian & Vegan Packaging

Our range of recyclable flexible packaging solutions is ideal for vegetarian and vegan products and is available in a range of formats and with barrier options.

Sustainable & Resealable Salad & Sandwich Filler Packaging

Salad & Sandwich Filler Packaging

Our recyclable lidding film is resealable and fully printable, providing a solution that can replace clip-on lids and cardboard sleeves and can be collected at kerbside.

Chicken breast & Meat

Meat & Poultry Packaging

We offer a range of recyclable flexible packaging solutions that are ideally suited to meat and poultry and can offer significant weight savings.

Fish Fillets

Seafood Packaging

We have developed recyclable packaging solutions for fish and seafood that are available in a range of formats and provide sustainable packaging without impacting on shelf life.


Can you recycle flexible chilled food packaging?

Constantia FFP has developed a range of flexible packaging solutions that can be recycled now. For example, our mono material PE and mono material PP laminates can be recycled by returning to store (as classified by OPRL). We can also provide paper packaging solutions and recyclable lidding films that can be collected at kerbside. Contact us to find out more about materials that can currently be recycled.

Is chilled food packaging resealable?

Chilled food packaging is available in a range of formats, many of which can offer a reseal function. For example, Constantia FFP can offer resealable lidding film and pouches and bags with reseal zips. These can aid portion control and help to maintain the freshness of the product.

Can you provide chilled food packaging that is suitable for oven or microwave cooking?

Yes, we can offer packaging that is microwaveable or ovenable.

What types of chilled food packaging do you offer?

Constantia FFP can offer chilled food packaging in a range of formats. These include lightweight pre-made pouches and bags, lidding film for products such as bacon, cold meats and sliced cheeses and film on a reel that will run on your own machines to produce the packaging format that you require.

What is your minimum order quantity for chilled food packaging?

This varies as it depends on many factors, such as pouch/bag size, material specification, barrier requirements, print etc. However, as a rough guide we would say 60,000 pre-made pouches or bags per design and 200kg of material for film-on-a-reel.

Can you supply chilled food packaging with a barrier?

Yes, we can offer packaging solutions with high barrier options. We can also offer our Recyclable products with a barrier option that keeps them below the maximum 5% addition rate required to maintain their recyclable credentials.

Are any of your chilled packaging solutions suitable for liquids?

Yes, we can advise you on the correct types of materials for liquids.

What print options are available?

Constantia FFP are a multi-award-winning flexographic printer and has the expertise and capabilities to really make your packaging stand out on the shelf. We can also offer our own HD printing called ‘Platinum Print’. Our in-house lamination capability means that we can offer specialist coatings that can provide a variety of print effects, such as matt, tactile and gloss.

Gosh! Smokey BBQ and Moroccan Spiced Veg Bites Chilled Packaging

Gosh! Logo

Gosh! Food

Constantia FFP produce recyclable packaging for guilt-free snacks range.

This was an extremely important product launch for Gosh! Food as we were not only bringing a new product to market but also entering a new category. The snack food market is very competitive and our packaging had to be on point. We needed it to stand out on shelf, maintain our brand integrity and of course, be recyclable.

Blog – Recyclable Lidding Film: Reducing Plastic Waste

Reducing plastic waste has been top of the agenda for some time now, and we have seen retailers and brands developing their sustainability plans to find ways to divert plastic from landfill.

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Pre-formed tray of blueberries with recyclable lidding film

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