Constantia FFP have wholeheartedly committed to the development of materials and pack formats that can help to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Our EcoPaper packaging solutions are fully recyclable and collected through existing infrastructure.

There are of course challenges around the use of paper in food packaging, however, Constantia FFP have developed a one-side-coated paper packaging solution that can be heat or cold-sealed and is offered in three barrier grades to suit your product requirements. Our EcoPaper solutions can be collected via the paper recycling stream and are available in reel form or as pre-made bags and pouches.

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Our EcoPaper Solutions

Range of Formats

Available in formats such as pouches, pre-made bags and film-on-a-reel.

Cold Seal Coating

Ideal for products that require high speed production without a heat seal.

Heat Sealable

Offering increased versatility for diverse applications.

Twist Wrap Solution

Excellent twist retention, ideal for the confectionery sector.

The EcoPaper Family

EcoPaper Family - EcoPaper


EcoPaper is the first of three barrier grades in the EcoPaper family. Recyclable via the Paper waste stream, it presents many advantages for low barrier applications.

EcoPaper Family - EcoPaper Plus


EcoPaperPlus is the second of three barrier grades in the EcoPaper family. It is ideal for medium barrier applications offering a recyclable solution for products that have aroma and grease barrier requirements.

EcoPaper Family - High Plus


The highest barrier grade in the EcoPaper family. Suitable for products that require good oxygen and water vapour barrier. Available in a range of formats and recyclable through the paper collection stream.

EcoPaper Family - EcoPaper Lidding


A recyclable paper-based solution for reel fed lidding applications. Providing excellent peelability, EcoPaperLidding is heat sealable against PS, PET, PLA, Paper/PE etc.

EcoPaper Family - EcoPaper Twist


A recyclable wax free paper for twist wrapping of confectionery products. EcoPaperTwist provides excellent grease resistance and has been tested on standard and high-speed twist machines. It can be recycled via the paper recycling stream.


Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap





Pre-made Bags

Pre-made Bags

Cold Seal

Cold Seal






Home and Personal Care

The Plastic Tax

The plastic packaging tax was implemented by the UK government in April 2022. A tax of £210.82 per metric tonne is now enforced for all plastic packaging components that do not contain at least 30% recycled material.

Constantia FFP’s EcoPaper family of packaging solutions is both exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax but it also offers a solution that is classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and can be collected in the paper waste stream.

Plastic packaging machine

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Standard Disclaimer

This Declaration of Compliance describes the status of the product(s) specified under General Product Information. The user of the product (or downstream user, if applicable) is responsible for ensuring that the finished food package complies with applicable migration limits in the food itself under actual conditions of use. Furthermore, the food packer is responsible for verifying possible interactions of the product(s) or its components with the foodstuffs (e.g. modification of odour, taste, consistency, migration etc.) which are to be checked prior to use and in function of the end-uses. This declaration replaces all previous declarations for the same specification/ product. It remains valid until a change in the legislation or new scientific information changes the legal status.