Recyclable packaging solutions for the beverage industry

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. However that said, the traditionally tea loving Brit’s have fully jumped aboard the coffee train. In fact, the average annual coffee consumption per person in the UK is approximately 528 cups for 2023, based on 98 million cups of consumption each day in the UK*.

The coffee industry also has a significant impact on the UK economy, creating over 210,000 UK jobs. The Gross Value-Added contribution from the UK coffee industry to the economy is estimated to be £9.1 billion, whilst output contribution, including indirect and induced multiplier impacts, of £17.7 billion in 2017*.

So, whether you prefer a cup of tea or an espresso to start your day, one thing all beverages have in common is the requirement for functional packaging to maintain their freshness and great taste all the way to your table.

*Source: British Coffee Association

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Constantia FFP Beverage Packaging Solutions

Constantia FFP can offer our customers an innovative range of sustainable beverage packaging solutions for the beverage industry. The sector encompasses a wide range of products that put very different requirements on their packaging to maintain product quality and meet shelf-life requirements. From ground coffee to individually wrapped tea bags, Constantia FFP can offer recyclable mono material laminates with high barrier options that will run at high speeds on our customers lines.

The use of pouches has also increased significantly across the sector. Not only can pouches offer sustainable advantages such as lightweighting and recyclability, but they also provide fantastic branding opportunities which is paramount in such a competitive market. Constantia FFP have two pouch making machines at our Northamptonshire site that offer a wide range of pouch and bag options.

Beverage Packaging Range

Constantia FFP’s solutions for the Beverage industry include:

Recyclable Laminates Pouches

Recyclable Laminates & Pouches

Produced in-house, Constantia FFP can offer mono material laminate pre-made pouches and bags with high barrier options that can be recycled by returning to store. Also available as reel fed material, our recyclable laminates offer an ideal packaging solution for dried beverage products such as ground and instant coffee and drinking chocolate powders.

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Stick Packs

Stick Packs

Convenient for single-serve products either at home or on-the-go, stick packs provide convenience for beverages such as dried coffee, chocolate powder and milk. Constantia FFP can provide a recyclable mono material laminate solution on the reel with high barrier options available that also tears easily for fuss-free pack opening.

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Ideal for individually packaged tea bags, Constantia FFP can supply mono material plastic laminates and paper solutions in reel format for our customers to form sachets on their own packing lines. We can also supply film that is suited to liquids and powders with oxygen and moisture barrier to maximise your products freshness and quality.

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Lidding Film

Constantia FFP’s market leading range of top web heat sealable lidding films has been setting the standard in lidding film technology for decades and is ideal for individual beverage portions. Our technical expertise and knowledge of lidding film technology is unrivalled, and our seal technology is world class, producing consistent, secure, and peelable seals.

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Find out how Constantia FFP supported Willie’s Cacao with the launch of their new, rich dark drinking chocolate powder by supplying resealable stand-up pouches.

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Beverage Packaging FAQs

Can you offer packaging options for coffee with a high barrier to oxygen, moisture, and aroma?

Yes, we have developed mono material laminates with high barrier options that are perfect for coffee and can also be recycled by returning to store.

Can Constantia FFP produce small sachets for tea packaging?

We can provide plain or printed film on a reel that you would then form into sachets on your own packing lines.

Can Constantia FFP produce bags for bulk packaging of tea sachets or tea leaves/powder?

Yes, we can either supply pre-made pouches / bags that are produced in-house at our Northamptonshire based facility, or we can provide film on a reel for you to form bags/pouches on your own packing lines.

Can you apply a matt lacquer to the outside of the packaging?

Yes, we can apply matt lacquers and other specialist coatings to really make your packaging stand out on-shelf.

Can you produce packaging that is resealable?

Yes, we can apply reseal zips and reseal labels to our packaging.

What is your minimum order quantity for beverage packaging?

This varies as it depends on many factors, such as pouch/bag size, material specification, barrier requirements, print etc. However, as a rough guide we would say 60,000 pre-made pouches or bags per design and 200 kg of material for film-on-a-reel.

Are any of your packaging solutions suitable for liquids?

Yes, we can advise you on the correct types of materials for liquids.

What print options are available?

Constantia FFP are a multi-award-winning flexographic printer and have the expertise and capabilities to really make your packaging stand out on the shelf. We can also offer our own HD printing called ‘Platinum Print’. Our in-house lamination capability means that we can offer specialist coatings that can provide a variety of print effects, such as matt, tactile and gloss.

Can you offer refill packaging?

Yes, our pouches and bags are an ideal solution for refill packaging, and they can also be recycled after use.

Is your beverage packaging recyclable?

Constantia FFP have developed a range of recyclable flexible packaging solutions that can be collected for recycling now in the current UK waste infrastructure. Our recyclable solutions can be offered with various barrier options which makes them ideal for dry beverage products.


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