Currently the majority of local authorities in the UK do not collect flexible films at kerbside, therefore the only route for some of these films to be collected for recycling is through front of store collections.

Constantia FFP are market leaders in the development of sustainable flexible packaging solutions and have in-depth knowledge of the current waste infrastructure. We have therefore developed mono material laminates that can be collected by returning to store with carrier bags as classified by OPRL and can offer outstanding functionality including high barrier options. These materials offer a sustainable alternative to complex multi material laminates that cannot currently be recycled.

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GOSH Recyclable frozen bags

Our Recyclable Laminate Solutions

Runs with ease

Performs well on existing lines without the need for costly modifications

Outstanding functionality

Extremely versatile solutions with high barrier options

Range of formats

Available in formats such as pouches, pre-made bags and film-on-a-reel

Tears with ease

All PE laminates are fuss-free to open without laser scoring

Constantia FFP EcoLamPlus pouch

Recyclable Mono PE Laminates

Constantia FFP offer mono material PE (Polyethylene) laminates that can be recycled by returning to store with carrier bags, as classified by OPRL, and are an ideal replacement for non-recyclable multipolymer structures. Our PE laminates can be provided with high barrier options and have outstanding seal integrity so that they can be gas flushed with confidence.

Available as pouches, pre-made bags, sachets and film-on-a-reel, our PE packaging solutions are extremely versatile and the ideal sustainable packaging option for a wide range of market sectors. They can be used for hot fill applications as well as for frozen foods and are also suitable for wet products and liquids.

We have developed our mono material PE laminates for outstanding performance. All PE Structures have historically proved challenging to run due to the stretch in the film causing issues with the material running in register. Constantia FFP however have developed solutions that due to the laminate structure will run efficiently on existing lines without the need for capital investment and with no drop off in throughput.

To assist in maintaining product freshness, we can also offer our PE laminates with a PE zip to address resealability without compromising on recyclability. If a zip isn’t required, the material also tears with ease without the need for laser scoring to make pack opening fuss-free for consumers.

Recyclable Mono PP Laminates

Constantia FFP’s mono-material PP (Polypropylene) laminates can be recycled by returning to store with carrier bags, as classified by OPRL. They offer a lightweight solution that can be supplied in a range of formats such as pouches, pre-made bags, sachets and film-on-a-reel, replacing non-recyclable multipolymer structures.

Our PP laminates run extremely well on existing machinery and are well suited to a wide range of categories. They are also suitable in some instances, for microwaveable applications. This presents an exciting opportunity for brands and retailers on their sustainable journey, as it provides a lightweight flexible packaging solution that is microwaveable and recyclable in the UK utilising current waste streams.

Available with high barrier options, Constantia FFP’s mono PP laminates can also be supplied with a PP zip or reclose label to address resealability without compromising on recyclability.

Mono PP laminate pouch
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Find out more about our mono material recyclable laminates & pouches. They offer outstanding functionality and can be recycled with carrier bags at larger supermarkets, as classified by OPRL.

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High print quality

Performs well on packing lines

High barrier options

Manufactured in the UK

Recyclable packaging with outstanding print quality

Constantia FFP’s recyclable mono-material laminates are fully printable and can be printed with our own high-definition ‘Platinum Print’ for outstanding shelf presence. Reverse printed with the print sandwiched between the material layers, the risk of print rubbing off is completely eliminated, providing brand owners with the opportunity to create vibrant designs that will last the lifecycle of the product.

We can also supply our mono material laminates with tactile finishes such as gloss, matt or even a paper look and feel effect. This exciting development means that brands don’t have to compromise and move to sustainable packaging at the cost of vibrant print and finishes that enhance their brands. With Constantia FFP’s recyclable packaging laminates, you really can have it all.

Printing colour pallet


Helping to reduce food waste

Constantia FFP’s innovative packaging plays an important role in protecting food from damage and maximising shelf life. Our range of sustainable flexible packaging solutions provide outstanding functionality and can be readily collected in the UK now through the existing waste collection system.


Frozen foods


Nuts & Dried Fruit


Savoury Snacks

Food to go



Rice, Pasta & Pulses


Pet foods


Sports Nutrition

Fresh Meat & Poultry

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