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Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Future

FFP have wholeheartedly committed to the development of materials and pack formats that can help to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Our technical expertise and manufacturing capability puts us in an optimal position to drive the innovation of more sustainable flexible packaging solutions. We have a great deal of knowledge of the current waste collection infrastructure in the UK and its current limitations. We have therefore looked at bringing to market solutions that can be readily collected now through the existing waste collection system.

All PE - 100% Recyclable

Versatile mono material laminates available in reel form, pre-made pouches and bags or sachets. Recycled by returning to store with carrier bags.

Lidding Film - 100% Recyclable

The original recyclable lidding film that allows consumers to recycle with confidence through their kerbside collection. Classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL.

Paper - 100% Recyclable

A one side coated paper packaging solution that can be heat or cold sealed and is available in a range of formats. Collected via the paper recycling stream.

Lightweight Pouches & Bags

As well as developing new and innovative recyclable packaging solutions, we have invested in our pouch and bag making capabilities as this growing market sector offers many products the opportunity to significantly reduce the weight of packaging without losing any functionality. They can in fact present additional benefits such as resealability and enhance printing and finishing opportunities. By reducing the packaging weight, products pass more economically through the supply chain and can reduce carbon emissions.

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Post Consumer Recycled Content

For a number of years FFP have provided customers with a peelable lidding film containing post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.  The recyclate used in the film is sourced from PET bottle deposit return schemes and the resulting material is fully approved for food contact. It also delivers a significant carbon footprint saving with less CO2 emissions due to replacing virgin material with recycled content. The RPET lidding film can also be used in ovenable applications and is fully printable, offering a more sustainable solution to many sectors.

Recyclable materials with PCR content

From April 2022, a new Plastics Tax is due to be implemented in the UK. This will be applied to plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled content.

In the current climate when brands and retailers are trying to move packaging lines over to recyclable solutions, including PCR content represents a significant challenge. This is because PET  is the only specification that is fully approved for food contact and commercially viable when containing PCR content. Businesses can then find themselves in the unenviable position of having to make a choice between recyclable packaging or including PCR content.

FFP’s Esterseal however is a recyclable lidding film that is made from a PET film and can be offered with 30% recycled content. This not only makes the packaging exempt from the plastics tax but it also offers a completely recyclable solution as Esterseal is classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL. This represents a huge opportunity for retailers and brands to continue to move forward with their sustainable packaging objectives and still meet the governments criteria to be exempt from the proposed plastics tax.

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FFP have invested significantly in Research & Development to bring to market new and innovative recyclable flexible packaging solutions that can be recycled now in current waste streams.

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Committed to developing sustainable solutions

FFP are members of OPRL and WRAP and we do all we can to help propagate new ideas throughout the supply chain.

We encourage and welcome detailed dialogue with our customers to share ideas and supply information and education on the latest materials and pack formats, and pioneer new materials and new opportunities as they are created.

Sustainability Events

We have organised a number of Sustainability Days where we invite retailers, brand owners and key speakers from within the industry to network, address topical issues and share ideas and information. These events have been extremely successful and well attended. We will continue to organise them and if you would like to receive a notification of our next event, please complete the form below:

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