Constantia FFP are proud to offer multi-award-winning flexographic print services. Our Gold awards from the respected FIA reflect our dedication to developing and delivering high-spec flexo printing across the food packaging industry, enabling brands to keep up with consumer demands and increase their shelf appeal.

What is Flexographic Print?

Flexographic printing is an extremely efficient and precise form of printing onto multiple packaging materials. It uses web-fed technology to print large volumes quickly and consistently. Our specialist technicians use flexible photopolymer printing plates to create high-resolution finishes with bold graphics and colour accuracy for impactful shelf appeal.

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Flexographic print materials

How Does Flexographic Printing Work?

Flexographic Printing requires a flexo printing press with four key parts: a fountain roller, an anilox roller, a plate cylinder and an impression cylinder.

First, your artwork is digitally transferred to a photopolymer plate where the graphics and text that require colour are raised on the surface of the plate. These are then wrapped around a plate cylinder. As the printing begins, the fountain roller collects the ink and transfers it to the anilox roller. The anilox roller is designed with small pockets that hold the ink and provide the accuracy and consistency that flexographic printing delivers.

As your packaging material passes between the anilox roller and plate cylinder, your artwork is transferred. Finally, the material moves to the impression cylinder, where pressure is applied to ensure the ink has transferred evenly.

What Are Flexo Printing Plates?

Flexographic print plates are an essential part of the entire process; the plates are what hold your image. So, if they’re misdesigned, the results can look warped, stretched or too small. When designed correctly, flexo plates can be used again and again.

Printing plates are made from a flexible photopolymer, and an image is digitally transferred onto the surface of the plate. This is then wrapped around the plate cylinder within the flexo printing press.

Flexo Print Plates

Constantia FFP’s Flexographic Print Capabilities

Our Northampton factory offers a range of flexographic printing services with the use of our state-of-the-art flexo printing technology:

Finalising your artwork

At Constantia FFP we have an experienced in-house originations team who will work with you to ensure your artwork file is perfectly set up in order to produce the best results for your printed packaging. We evaluate your artwork and then separate the image colours into a printable format for perfect reproduction of the original graphics.

In-House Digital Platemaking

Constantia FFP is one of few packaging converters with in-house digital plate-making capabilities. Our Esko Spark 4835 digital imaging unit can produce plates up to 250 lines per inch. This unique in-house capability allows for greater flexibility and control whilst assisting to reduce lead times. Constantia FFP is fully certified to supply print under the Esko HD Flexo system. All of the packaging we supply is made to order and produced with speed, accuracy and minimal waste, with our choice of inks meeting all food packaging regulations.

In-House Digital Platemaking

W&H Miraflex Presses

We hold two world-leading, 8-colour W&H Miraflex Presses at our Northampton site. This allows us to meet customer demands, and produce high-quality and reliable printed film in large volumes and at speed.

Platinum Print

Constantia FFP is known for their innovative work and research to offer the industry the most up-to-date and efficient food packaging solutions. Platinum Print is our own high-definition flexo print, delivering stunning shelf appeal.

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Why Use Flexographic Print For Packaging?

Flexo Printing is a popular and reliable choice for food package printing for many reasons, including:

  • Accurate and consistent results
  • Provides bold colours and graphics for standout shelf appeal
  • Faster run times which work well for tight turnarounds
  • Higher print volumes make it a more cost-effective solution
  • Designed with minimal waste
  • Delivers a high return on investment
  • Ability to print on multiple materials and substrates – meeting national and international regulations

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We are experts in flexible packaging and have been recognised for our wide range of high quality products, innovations and exceptional service.

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Flexographic Print FAQs

What is flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing is a popular method used to print on various packaging materials including paper and plastic film packaging. It uses web-fed technology to print large volumes quickly and consistently making it suitable for high-speed printing of packaging designs.

What types of packaging materials are compatible with flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing is versatile and can be used on a wide range of packaging materials including flexible packaging films, such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

What are the advantages of flexographic printing for packaging?

Flexographic printing offers several advantages such as high-speed production capabilities, cost-effectiveness for large print runs, compatibility with various materials, ability to use a wide range of inks (including water-based, solvent-based, and UV-curable inks)

Are there any limitations or considerations for flexographic printing on packaging?

While flexographic printing is versatile and a great printing solution for packaging, it lends itself to larger volumes so it may not be ideal for shorter print runs.

Can flexographic printing be customised for branding purposes?

Yes, flexographic printing is great for extensive customisation to meet branding requirements. It offers options for printing vibrant colours, intricate patterns, detailed graphics, and text elements on packaging surfaces. Brands can use flexographic printing to create eye-catching packaging designs that effectively communicate their brand identity and attract consumer attention.

Flexographic Print Gallery
Flexographic Print Gallery
Flexographic Print Gallery
Flexographic Print Gallery