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The Frozen Food Packaging sector is one of the fastest growing retail food categories and this growth is set to continue. In fact, combined retail and food service frozen food sales are expected to exceed £10bn by 2025.

Technological advances and innovation have transformed the sector and dispelled old fashioned stereo types associated with frozen food. Consumers can now enjoy a home version of trendsetting restaurant dishes and with people now experiencing busier life styles, reaching for a healthy, convenient and delicious meal from the freezer seems to be an attractive proposition when time is limited. Freezer foods can also have a huge impact on reducing food waste and in turn carbon emissions.

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Frozen Food Packaging Solutions

FFP have many years’ experience in producing high quality frozen food packaging and will work with you to select the correct films and barriers to meet your product’s requirements. A significant advantage to using flexible packaging for frozen product packaging is the weight and space saving it can provide. Flexible packaging can take up far less space in the freezer than a rigid container and can also offer the benefit of a reclose function which is ideal for convenience and portion control.

Frozen Food Packaging Range

As one of the leading frozen food packaging suppliers in the market, FFP can provide the following solutions for the frozen food sector:


Flexible packaging represents significant benefits to the environment when used for frozen foods, such as lightweighting, packaging reduction and a potential reduction in food waste.

FFP have developed 100% recyclable frozen product packaging solutions that can be used in frozen applications; FFPE is our all PE laminate which can be recycled with carrier bags at supermarkets and can be supplied as pouches, pre-made bags, sachets and film on a reel. It can be supplied with a PE zip to address resealability without compromising on recyclability and can be provided with a high barrier, running smoothly on packing lines with no need for capital investment and modifications.


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FFP have developed a 100% recyclable mono material PE laminate ideal for frozen food applications.

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