FFPE - an all PE laminate that is 100% recyclable

FFP develop a recyclable mono material PE laminate ideal for frozen food applications.

The Frozen Food sector is one of the fastest growing retail food categories in the UK and this growth is set to continue. Not only does it offer the consumer convenient meal options but it can also have a significant impact on reducing food waste and carbon emissions.

FFP are market leaders in sustainable packaging solutions and have developed a 100% recyclable mono material PE (Polyethylene) laminate called ‘FFPE’ that is ideal for use in frozen food packaging and diverts flexible film from landfill. This sustainable packaging format can be recycled by returning to larger supermarkets and recycling with carrier bags, as classified by OPRL.

FFPE has been developed for outstanding performance and due to the laminate structure it will run efficiently on existing packaging lines without the need for capital investment and with no drop off in throughput. FFPE can already be found in freezers across the country and is an ideal sustainable packaging solution for foods such as frozen vegetables, potato products, fruit & berries, seafood, meat and poultry. The capability to incorporate a PE zip into the material allows consumers to reseal the packaging and easily control portion sizes without compromising on recyclability.

FFPE is a fully printable solution and can be produced with outstanding print quality that won’t scratch or rub-off as is often the case with single layer packaging solutions that are surface printed. FFPE is reverse printed with the print sandwiched between the material layers which completely eliminates the risk of print rubbing off and provides brand owners with the opportunity to create vibrant designs that will last the lifecycle of the product and enhance their brand image. It can also be provided with tactile finishes such as gloss or matt effects.

FFPE is available in reel form, as stand-up pouches, pre-made bags and sachets. It presents a very viable lightweighting opportunity which enables products to pass more economically through the supply chain and potentially reduce carbon emissions.

FFP Packaging Solutions are committed to the development of more sustainable materials and pack formats that can help to reduce the negative impact that some materials can have on our environment. Over the past 12 months, we have brought a number of sustainable packaging solutions to market that can be recycled now in current waste streams.