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FFP offers a full range of Pouches & Bags

Bags and Pouches are the fastest growing segment of flexible packaging. They offer numerous benefits and options in terms of branding, shelf appeal, functionality and sustainability and are now seen in more sectors than ever before. These include high temperature applications, where the consumer cooks or heats the product in the packaging.

Across the retail environment, stand up pouches give dynamic shelf appeal to brands in categories as diverse as ready meals, pet foods, fruit, snacking and confectionery with brand owners valuing the full-face branding, efficient use of shelf space and ease of use throughout the supply chain. Retort Pouches are also being increasingly used as a lightweight alternative to the more traditional canning methods for products with a longer shelf life, again presenting numerous benefits to the brand owner.

FFP can offer a full range of pouches and bags for all market sectors. All products are manufactured in-house and to order, on our own state-of-the-art pouch making machines.

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Stand-up Pouches

Ideal for full face branding and shelf presence, FFP can manufacture a full range of stand-up pouches in sizes and materials to suit your requirements.


Available in a range of formats with a variety of finishing options. Pre-made bags present a lightweight and eye-catching packaging solution for a wide range of categories.


Retort pouches are an ideal lightweight packaging solution for products that require extended shelf life and are an exciting alternative to more traditional canning methods.


FFP have led the market in ovenable packaging, putting the first fully printed ovenable bag on supermarket shelves. Ovenable pouches & bags can present a significant lightweighting opportunity.


Estersteam is an innovative packaging solution that makes microwave cooking simple, consistent, convenient and presents perfectly cooked meals time after time.

Sustainable Pouches & Bags

Currently the majority of local authorities in the UK do not collect flexible films at kerbside, therefore the only route for some of these films to be collected for recycling is through front of store collections.

FFP are market leaders in the development of sustainable flexible packaging solutions and have in-depth knowledge of the current waste infrastructure. We have therefore developed mono material laminates that can be collected by returning to store with carrier bags as classified by OPRL and can offer outstanding functionality including high barrier options. Available as pouches, pre-made bags, sachets and film-on-a-reel, these recyclable materials are extremely versatile and the ideal sustainable packaging solution for a wide range of market sectors, offering a sustainable alternative to complex multi material laminates that cannot currently be recycled.

Recyclable Pouch

About our pouches – FAQ’s

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes – this varies as it depends on many factors, such as pouch/bag size, material specification, barrier requirements, print etc. However, as a rough guide we would say 50,000 pre-made pouches or bags per design.

What type of pouches and bags do you offer?

We can produce stand-up pouches with different types of base seals (i.e. doy, k-seal, v-seal) and pre-made bags such as 2 or 3 side sealed, flat bags and 4 side seal gusseted bags with a side seal or central back seal.

Where are your pouches made?

All of the pouches we produce are made in-house at our Northamptonshire based facility, where we have two state-of-the-art pouch making machines.

What temperature should the pouches be stored at?

Ideally 15-25ᵒC and then they should be conditioned for 24 hours before use.

What pouch filling machine do I need?

Our pre-made pouches will run on a variety of different machines. Our technical team are available for further advice.

Can I order ‘off the shelf’ pouches and bags in standard sizes?

No – We don’t hold stock of pre-made pouches or bags. Everything we produce is made to order so that we can tailor the product to meet your exact requirements in regard to size, material specifications, barrier and finishing options. Our technical team will assist you in choosing the correct materials for your product.

Can you supply recyclable pouches?

Yes – we can produce pouches that can be recycled by returning to store with carrier bags (as per OPRL guidelines). Further information can be found here.

Do your recyclable pouches tear easily?

Yes – one of the main features of our recyclable pouches is how well they tear without the need for laser scoring. This makes opening fuss-free for consumers.

Can you supply pouches and bags with a barrier?

Yes – we can offer pouches and bags with a barrier. We can also offer our Recyclable products with a barrier option that keeps them below the maximum 5% addition rate required to maintain their recyclable credentials.

Can your pouches and bags be used for frozen foods?

Yes – we can produce packaging for frozen foods. Our technical team will assist you in choosing the correct materials that are suitable for these applications. We can also produce recyclable frozen food packaging. For further information on our frozen food packaging, click here.

Can you produce pouches or bags that can be used in the oven or microwave?

Yes- in fact FFP were first to market with a fully printed ovenable chicken bag. Our ovenable packaging is called ‘Estercook’ and we also produce ‘Estersteam’ which is our microwaveable packaging. Both products can be supplied as pouches or in reel form.

Are any of your pouches suitable for liquids and powders?

Yes – we can advise you on the correct types of pouches and materials for powders and liquids.

Can you make pouches with spouts?

No – this is not something that we supply.

What kind of reclose options are available?

We can provide bags and pouches with zips or reseal labels.

Can you supply metallised pouches?

Yes we can.

Can you supply pouches with a window so that the product can be seen?

Yes, this is an extremely popular requirement and we have produced millions of pouches with windows. These can also be tailored to the size and shape that you require.

What finishing options are available?

Our pouch making machines are state-of-the-art and can offer a wide range of finishing options including tear notches, laser scoring, reseal labels, zips, carry handles, rounded corners, Euro Slots and micro-perforations.

What print options are available?

FFP are a multi-award winning flexographic printer and have the expertise and capabilities to really make your packaging stand out on shelf. We can also offer our own HD printing called ‘Platinum Print’. Our in-house lamination capability means that we can offer specialist coatings that can provide a variety of print effects, such as matt, tactile and gloss.

Pouch Making

FFP recognised the desire within the industry to move packaging towards a lighter, yet robust solution and we responded by investing significantly in our pouch making capability. We now have two pouch making machines which has substantially bolstered capacity enabling us to respond to market demand.

Our state-of-the-art machines allow us to manufacture a full range of pouches and bags including; stand-up pouches, two or three sided seal flat bags and four sided seal with gusset.

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FFP recognised the desire within the industry to move packaging towards a lighter, yet robust solution and we responded by investing significantly in our pouch making capability.

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Finishing options

FFP can offer stand up pouches with a full spectrum of finishing options, such as:

Tear notches
Laser scoring
Reseal labels
Carry handles
Rounded corners

Complex Products Delivered Simply

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