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FFP can supply a wide range of plain or printed film, designed to run at high speed on your Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (HFFS) and Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS) to produce the final packaging format you require. Film can be supplied as a single layer (monolayer) or as a multi-layer laminate, with layers performing specific functions within the structure of the packaging. Our experienced technical team will work closely with you in order to supply the optimal film for your product, machine and process.

The film that we supply will run at high speeds with the ability to ‘fin seal’ or ‘lap seal’ and can be perforated to meet any MAP requirements. It can also be supplied with oxygen and moisture barrier to maximise your products quality and freshness through the supply chain. FFP are industry leaders in ovenable packaging and we can supply film for high temperature flow wrap applications and with in-house slitting facilities we can meet your exact specifications, so that the film fits perfectly with your machines.

FFP are leaders in flexographic print technology and we can either surface or reverse print your material. Our outstanding print and lamination capabilities allow us to offer many decorative and eye-catching solutions such as tactile coatings, paper strip lamination and our own Platinum Print for packaging that really makes an impression and adds another dimension on shelf.

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HD Printing available–Up to 8 Colours
Tactile coatings
Lightweight and robust
Sustainable options
High temperature applications
Barrier versions available
Cold Seal available
High Speed applications

Technical Data

Structure: Printed or plain mono or laminate
Barrier: Barrier options available
Print Process: Flexo
Maximum Number of Colours: 8
Sustainability Credentials: Recyclable version available
Seal type: Fin seal or lap seal
Finishing Options: micro-perforated, tactile coatings, HD Platinum Print


FFP have developed FFPE – an all PE packaging laminate that is 100% recyclable as it can be recycled with carrier bags at larger supermarkets, as classified by OPRL. FFPE can offer a high barrier solution and is a strong, flexible and lightweight option, providing an exciting alternative for companies looking for a recyclable solution whilst still maintaining functionality and creating vibrant shelf-appeal.

Another solution that we can supply is paper based packaging. With a natural look and its tactile feel, it is appealing to consumers and brands who are seeking a more rustic looking sustainable solution that can be widely recycled.

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Nuts and Dried Fruit
Sports Nutrition
Pet Treats
Food to go
Rice, Pasta & Pulses
Fresh produce
High Temperature

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All of our products / materials are made to order, therefore minimum order quantities apply.

Standard Disclaimer

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