With an estimated 16.2 million (57%) of households in the UK owning a pet, it’s probably no surprise we are a nation of pet lovers and the UK pet food market is worth close to £3.3 billion. Trends have also changed over time.

Whereas previously, we were more content to select our pet’s food based on brand recognition, we are now looking to feed our four-legged friends food that emulates human food with an emphasis on ‘free-from’, ‘premium’ and ‘natural’ ingredients.

Over the past decade, the trend to feed pets raw meat products has also grown in popularity, where consumers can purchase frozen meat that can be defrosted before serving. Unsurprisingly the trend towards humanised and premium products has also passed over to pet treats, where owners are looking for healthy and ‘cleaner eating’ snacks for their pets.

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Good Boy pet food packaging
Good Boy Puppy milk drops pet food

Packaging Solutions for Pet Foods

Flexible packaging in this sector has also evolved in order to keep up with market desires. Packaging is no longer mainly a means to protect a product through the supply chain and merchandise it on the shelf, but it is now a weapon in a battle for shelf space and appeal. Packaging needs to reflect the product within and connect with the consumer. So, whether it is HD print with a tactile lacquer for gourmet treats or a paper effect pack to illustrate natural ingredients, the packaging is playing a vital role in elevating brand image, driving sales and connecting with the consumer.

A wide range of packaging formats can be seen in pet food aisles. From wet pet food to complete meals and treats and in more recent times a growing trend towards frozen foods, packaging needs to be functional and tailored to the specific needs of the product. It also needs to address the desire to move to more sustainable packaging solutions. Whether that means identifying recyclable solutions, using less complex material laminates or moving to lighter weight solutions, the end of life of the packaging also needs to be considered.

With state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing capabilities and a technical team with decades of experience and expertise, we are extremely well-positioned to support brands in developing and producing sustainable flexible packaging for their pet food and treats.

Pet Food Packaging Range

Constantia FFP’s solutions for the pet food market include:

Stand-up Pouches


Pre-made Bags

Pre-made Bags

Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap

Cold Seal

Cold Seal

Lidding Film

Pre-made Bags



Recyclable Laminates & Pouches

Recyclable packaging

Lidding Film - Recyclable

Pre-made Bags

Paper - Recyclable

Flow Wrap

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Discover Constantia FFP’s solutions for pet food packaging. With a wide variety of pet food available, packaging has evolved to meet the demands of the growing sector and to improve the sustainability of these products.

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Pet Food Categories

Constantia FFP has been supplying innovative flexible packaging solutions for the pet food market for decades and can support your packaging requirements in a wide range of categories including:

A dog eating dry pet food

Dry Pet Food

Constantia FFP can supply mono-material recyclable laminates and paper packaging solutions in either reel form or as pre-made bags and pouches in sizes to suit your dry pet food requirements. Various barrier options are available along with numerous finishing options, such as tear notches, zips and handles.

Dog biscuits

Snacks & Treats

Constantia FFP offer a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions with moisture and aroma barrier. From stand-up pouches to stick packs and lidding film, we offer packaging with outstanding functionality and high-end finishes ensuring your products stand the test of time and stand out on-shelf.

A dog eating meat

Frozen Food & Treats

A growing category in the pet food sector, but Constantia FFP have been supplying frozen food packaging for decades. Our recyclable mono-material laminates can be found in all major retailers and supplied in reel form or as pre-made pouches and bags.


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