The demand for sports nutrition products in the UK continues to grow and is no longer a category reserved for athletes and bodybuilders but has now moved into the mainstream and has become much more of a lifestyle choice than it used to be, with a much wider appeal for people looking for healthier options to integrate into their daily diet.

The product range itself is also growing with healthy eating and more active lifestyles creating a demand for high-protein foods. Sports nutrition now encompasses on-the-go snack-bars, meal replacements and ready-to-drink products, with established confectionery and snack brands moving into the space with their own products with a higher protein content.

Supplement packaging pouch
Protein powder packaging pouch

Constantia FFP Solutions

With a sector that is expanding into new products and demanding more shelf space in supermarkets and other retail outlets, packaging requirements have also changed. Large bulky plastic tubs no longer sit well in current times when environmental factors are considered and as well as being cumbersome and heavy to move through the supply chain, they are more difficult to merchandise on the shelf. Stand-up pouches, bags and sachets are demanding attention in this category as a lightweight alternative that uses less plastic and offers eye-catching branding opportunities. There is no loss of function with the packs being offered with high barrier options and also resealability to aid portion control and heighten consumer convenience.

Flow wrap is also used extensively with protein and snacking bars and our cold seal capability is ideal for these products. When twinned with our HD platinum print and specialist Gravure coatings that can provide a variety of print effects (matt, tactile, gloss), we can offer our customers dynamic shelf appeal that can give their brands a competitive edge against their peers whilst perfectly reflecting their brand values.

Sports Nutrition Packaging Range

Constantia FFP’s solutions for the sports nutrition sector include:

Pouches & Bags



Resealable Packaging

Flow Wrap

Film on a Reel


Pre-made Bags

Cold Seal

Cold Seal

Lidding Film

Lidding Film

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Constantia FFP recognised the desire within the industry to move packaging towards a lighter, yet robust solution and we responded by investing significantly in our pouch making capability.

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Flexible packaging represents significant lightweighting and packaging reduction opportunities which can have a positive impact on the environment. Constantia FFP have developed recyclable solutions that are ideal for use in the sports nutrition sector;

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Mono Material Recyclable Laminates

Our mono-material recyclable laminates are demanding shelf space as they are extremely versatile and can be recycled with carrier bags at supermarkets. Available in reel form, as stand-up pouches or pre-made bags, they offer high-barrier solutions where gas flushing is required. These products are strong, flexible and lightweight, providing an exciting alternative for companies looking for a recyclable solution whilst still maintaining functionality and creating vibrant shelf appeal.

Paper Packaging Solutions

Constantia FFP have also developed paper products that are ideal for on-the-go snack bars and can be recycled in the paper recycling stream. Our paper packaging can be cold-sealed running at high speeds and as it does not require the application of heat, it can present energy-saving opportunities.



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