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FFP can provide film on a reel to your specifications

We supply film on a reel that will run on your own machines to produce the packaging format that you require. It is an extremely versatile option both in terms of the features and finishes that we can apply to the film to meet your product and branding requirements and the packaging format you can produce. Film can be supplied as a single layer (monolayer) or as a multi-layer laminate, with layers performing specific functions within the structure of the packaging. We will supply the optimal film for your product, machine and process.

Our film on a reel will run on Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (HFFS) and Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (VFFS) to produce the final packaging format you require such as, pillow packs, sachets, pouches, stabilo and quadroseal packs with sealing methods such as ‘fin seal’ or ‘lap seal’. All formats can be perforated to meet any MAP requirements. To meet the growing market demand for resealable packaging, we can also supply film with reseal labels already applied. The film will run efficiently on your machines without the need for modifications.

FFP are industry leaders in ovenable packaging and we can supply film on a reel for high temperature applications and with in-house slitting facilities we can meet your exact specifications, so that the film fits perfectly with your machines.

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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability in packaging is increasingly becoming a key requirement for brands and FFP have responded by developing 100% recyclable solutions that can be collected now through existing waste collection streams.

Mono Material Recyclable Laminates

We have developed mono material laminates that can be collected by returning to store with carrier bags as classified by OPRL and can offer outstanding functionality including high barrier options. These materials offer a sustainable alternative to complex multi material laminates that cannot currently be recycled.

Recyclable Lidding Film

FFP have developed a recyclable lidding film that represents a major development in sustainable packaging. The resealable mono material lidding film, available in either PET or PP, has been designed to be used with a tray of the same material to produce the first mono material resealable pack in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system.

Previously lidding film was unable to be collected and would have to be removed from the tray by the consumer and sent to landfill or for incineration. Esterseal however provides a solution that ensures zero lidding film waste needs to be sent to landfill and instead enables it to be collected at kerbside for recycling.

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FFP is a laminate packaging specialist with decades of experience in developing the right composite structures for our customers’ exacting packaging requirements. We tailor laminates to suit the barrier requirements of the product, the packaging machinery and the decorative demands of the pack.

We have a strong relationship with a range of leading material suppliers so we can advise on the best possible structure to meet your needs technically and commercially; we build laminates from PET, OPP, PE, CPP, paper, aluminium foil and many other materials.

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