At Constantia FFP we pride ourselves on our technical expertise. Our technical team have decades of experience and knowledge gained in the packaging industry and have proudly enabled us to bring award winning packaging solutions to market.

They are heavily involved in all stages of the customer experience, from advising on material specifications to attending trials-on site and carrying out optimisation audits. With the additional benefit of our own in-house development kitchen, which our customers are more than welcome to utilise and fully fitted laboratories, we can provide extensively tested and robust technical solutions.

Constantia FFP Technical Support

Product Trials

Before we send your product into production, we will always run a trial on your packing lines to ensure the material will run efficiently. These trials are attended by a member of our technical team, who with their vast knowledge and expertise will offer their support and valuable insights. Should any adjustments need to be made, our team will either be able to make adjustments on site or offer advice on material specifications to ensure the finished product will run on your lines.

Only once you have had a successful trial and this has been signed off by all parties, will we proceed to a full production run.

Optimisation Audit

At Constantia FFP we aim to become your flexible packaging partners, and we strongly believe this means helping you to get the best from the packaging you buy from us right through your packing line. As part of our ongoing commitment, we offer a completely free of charge ‘Optimistion Audit’ to ensure that you are getting the best from your film and to identify any potential opportunities to increase efficiency and potentially save money. One of our technical experts will visit your site and conduct an onsite survey that checks every aspect of your usage, such as:

  • Machine settings -are you getting the best seal and maximising efficiency?
  • Packaging widths -making sure the film matches the application, avoiding waste.
  • Film usage – storage, stock and usage.
  • Film specifications – are you using the optimum film type? Small changes can give big savings!

The Optimisation Audit is available to all customers and we recommend conducting it at regular intervals. Once complete, you will receive a ‘Scorecard’ that measures every element of the process, so you can track your efficiency and performance over time, across machines and across sites. A very powerful tool in driving efficiency up and costs down.

In House Testing & Development

Our technical team use their expertise and market awareness to develop and rigorously test our customers’ products as part of our technical support. Our labs contain assets such as a heat sealer, tray sealer, leak tester, burst strength tester, hot tack tester and static measuring equipment to name but a few. We can also carry out tests on gas analysis, lamination bond strength and much more. All of these assets perform a vital role in supporting our customers.

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