The ambient food market consists of extensively diverse product categories running into thousands of food products, from dried fruit and nuts to pasta and spices.

Packaging for this sector is driven by innovation and material solutions that allow ambient food manufacturers to retain quality and sustain longer shelf life for their products. Barrier technology is increasingly being incorporated into ambient food product packaging providing protection against environmental elements such as oxygen, water vapour, aroma, etc.

Increased competition across the sector with challenger brands and an increased number of retailer own brands, requires manufacturers and packaging companies to think outside the box with solutions that enhance pack visuals and create dynamic shelf appeal without compromising on functionality.

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Hershey's Drops pouch
NOODL noodles packaging

Constantia FFP’s Ambient Packaging Solutions

Constantia FFP have a long history of supplying packaging to the ambient sector building long lasting business partnerships. Our technical expertise in barrier films, colour management and print capabilities have enabled us to work with brand owners to enhance their packaging. By using visual and tactile print effects it gives them an edge in a competitive market and at the same time maintains functionality.

With state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing capabilities and a technical team with decades of experience and expertise, we are extremely well positioned to support brands in developing and producing flexible packaging for their ambient products. Our solutions include:

Ambient Food Packaging Range

Constantia FFP’s solutions for the ambient food sector include:

Stand-up Pouches


Pre-made Bags

Pre-made Bags

Resealable Packaging

Resealable Packaging

Lidding Film

Pre-made Bags

Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap



Cold Seal

Cold Seal


Recyclable packaging



Sustainability in packaging is increasingly becoming a key requirement for brands and retailers. Constantia FFP have responded by developing recyclable solutions that can be collected now through current waste streams and that lend themselves perfectly to the ambient food sector.

Ambient Food Categories

Constantia FFP has been supplying innovative flexible packaging solutions to the ambient food sector for decades and can support your food packaging requirements in a wide range of categories including:


Dried Fruit & Nuts Packaging

With onsite pouch-making capabilities, Constantia FFP can provide lightweight, recyclable pre-made bags and pouches available with high barrier options and reseal zips for improved consumer convenience.


Cereals & Cereal Bar Packaging

Constantia FFP can supply mono-material recyclable laminates and paper solutions in either reel form or as pre-made bags and pouches. We also have outstanding cold seal capabilities.


Crackers & Crispbread Packaging

Constantia FFP offer a range of recyclable flexible packaging solutions ideal for crackers & crispbreads, available in a range of formats and with barrier options.


Confectionery & Biscuit Packaging

Constantia FFP has been supplying flexible packaging for confectionery products for decades. Our lightweight, sustainable and innovative products make us the ideal choice for your confectionery & biscuit packaging.


Rice, Pasta, Noodles & Pulses Packaging

Constantia FFP’s recyclable mono-material laminates provide a flexible plastic packaging solution available in various formats that can be recycled by returning to the store.


Crisps, Snacks & Popcorn Packaging

Constantia FFP’s sustainable food packaging solutions are available in reel form or as pre-made bags & pouches. With award-winning print quality and a range of finishes available, we can really make your brand stand out on the shelf.


Pot Meals & Meal Kit Packaging

Constantia FFP’s recyclable lidding films and film-on-a-reel can provide a versatile and sustainable food packaging solution for pot meals and the various ingredients within a meal kit.


Cooking Ingredients Packaging

Constantia FFP’s sustainable food packaging solutions can be supplied in reel form or as pre-made bags & pouches. They are available with high-barrier options and run efficiently on existing machinery.


Sauces, Condiments & Dressing Packaging

Ideal for use in hot fill applications, our recyclable mono-material laminates can be recycled by returning to the store and are the ideal solution for sauces, condiments & dressings.


Tea, Coffee & Hot Drink Packaging

From individual sachets to larger multi-portion packs, Constantia FFP has a recyclable packaging solution to meet your product and brand requirements.


Jams, Spreads & Dessert Packaging

From lidding films to sachets, Constantia FFP has a sustainable food packaging solution to meet your product requirements and make your brand stand out on the shelf.


Home Baking & Sugar Packaging

Constantia FFP can supply sustainable food packaging in a range of formats with high-barrier options. We can also offer resealable packaging for the ultimate consumer convenience and to help maintain product freshness.


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