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Stand-up pouches are the fastest growing segment of flexible packaging. Printed pouches offer numerous benefits and options in terms of branding, shelf appeal, functionality and sustainability. Across the retail environment, printed stand-up pouches give dynamic shelf appeal to brands in categories as diverse as ready meals, pet foods, fruit, snacking and confectionery.

Brand owners value the full-face branding, efficient use of shelf space and ease of use throughout the supply chain.

Our in-house pouch making machines enable us to manufacture a full range of printed stand-up pouch packaging in various sizes and materials to suit your product requirements. Our outstanding print and lamination capabilities allow us to offer many decorative and eye-catching solutions such as tactile coatings, paper strip lamination, windows and our own Platinum Print for stand-up pouch packaging that really makes an impression and elevates your brand to new heights.

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printed stand-up pouch packaging made by FFP


HD Printing available
Custom shape and size windows
Dynamic Shelf Presence
Full range of finishing options, including Matt, Tactile lacquers and Paper
Reseal options available
Sustainable options
Ovenable and Microwaveable versions
Lightweighting opportunity
Wide range of formats and sizing
Suited to a wide range of products

Stand-up pouch packaging formats

FFP has in-house facilities to create custom printed pouches and our technical team will work with you to select the correct format to meet your needs.

Doy Stand Up Pouches

Doy Pouches

The Doy pouch is the most common type of stand-up pouch packaging with a characteristic rounded base. The Doy style enables light-weight products to stand up as the bottom seal acts as ‘feet’ for the pouch.

K-Seal Stand Up Pouches

K-Seal Pouches

Allows more product to be contained near the bottom of the bag. The seals on both sides rise at a 30-degree angle, taking the pressure off the sides of the pouches to allow for additional volume and reduce the risk of puncture or tear.

V-Seal Stand Up Pouches

V-Seal Pouches
(also known as a Plough Bottom)

The V-Seal has no seal at the bottom of the pouch as the weight of product sits flush on the bottom of the pouch. It therefore does not require the bottom seal to help the pouch stand erect.

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FFP recognised the desire within the industry to move packaging towards a lighter, yet robust solution and we responded by investing significantly in our stand-up pouch packaging capabilities.

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Case Study – Whitworths Ltd

FFP deliver recyclable pouches for a new snacks range.

Blog – Stand-Up Pouches

This alternative packaging solution is one to stand up and take notice of.


Moving suitable products into stand-up pouch packaging can present opportunities to reduce plastic and in turn carbon footprint. Using the right materials, pouches can also offer 100% recyclable solutions.


Pouches can represent a huge weight saving over other packaging products such as glass, pots / tubs and trays. The weight and space savings in transportation and storage can help in the reduction of carbon emissions.

100% Recyclable Solutions

Addressing the issue of recyclability in packaging, FFP have developed mono material laminates that can be recycled with carrier bags at larger supermarkets, as classified by OPRL. Available as stand-up pouches, in reel form or pre-made bags, these materials offer outstanding functionality including high barrier options and offer a sustainable alternative to complex multi material laminates that cannot currently be recycled.

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Printed Pouches Applications

Nuts and Dried Fruit
Sports Nutrition
Food to go
Rice, Pasta & Pulse
Fresh produce
Ready Meal
High Temperature
Pet Treats

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