With an increasing demand on efficiency, innovation and sustainability across the food industry, flexible packaging seems like the perfect solution.

From eye-catching designs and resealable bags, to convenient grab-n-go options, it’s easy to see why stand-up pouches and pre-made bags, in particular, are popping up everywhere. By rethinking formats and using recyclable materials, this alternative packaging solution is one to stand up and take notice of.

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Why switch to stand-up pouch packaging?

There are a lot of positives for swapping from traditional storage, such as jars and cartons, to flexible packaging. From reducing costs during production to addressing consumer convenience, to optimum sustainability, we can’t seem to find the negatives for stand-up pouches:

  • Compact size and lighter weight, reduces weight, space and therefore cost during production and transport, helping to reduce carbon footprint
  • Suitable for multiple products including confectionery, dried fruit & nuts, powders and fresh produce
  • Offering practical features such as reveal windows (which can be customised)
  • Lightweight and portable, making them more appealing to consumers
  • By using a recyclable material where possible, they’re helping the environment
  • Offer resealable fastening options for customer convenience
  • Purposely designed to stand up (and stand out) on their own
  • Provide bold shelf appeal and increase brand awareness
  • Formats and sizing can be adapted to match your brand
  • The slimmed down format reduces the use of plastic
  • Offer oven and microwavable options

The different types of food pouches

We offer three different designs. All of which include the option of customisable additional features, and each pouch provides an alternative seal that’ll best suit your product.

The DOY pouch

With its rounded seal base, this is our most recognisable design. Ideal for lighter products such as powders and liquids. It’s easy to store and stands by itself.

The K-Seal pouch

By adding diagonal seals at the base, the content inside moves to the bottom taking any strain off the sides. This works well with denser products as there’s less chance of it toppling over.

The V-Seal pouch

Due to its plough design, this pouch’s content sits comfortably at the bottom, enabling it to stand by itself without a bottom seal.

What are the benefits of stand-up pouches?

Optimises shelf appeal

This style of packaging provides a wider surface coverage, allowing your brand’s image to really make a statement. The slimline look and stand-ability sits cleaner on the shelves, maximising space for product. Whilst the outstanding print quality and options of tactile finishes can elevate the look and feel of the pouch and bring your branding to life, making them even more appealing to consumers.

Useful functionalities and features

Stand-up pouches provide lots of unique features that benefit both the manufacturer and consumer. The flexible packaging means less breakages and more practicality as they’re easier for customers to pick up and have on-the-go. Other features such as reveal windows, are an easy way to showcase your product and encourage purchases. Whilst resealable fastenings or press closures offer convenience and portion control which can be more attractive to the consumer.

Improve your Sustainable credentials

Consumers are aware of the amount of unnecessary packaging businesses use for products and are looking for change. By opting for compact, recyclable pouches, you’re instantly showcasing your business objectives and commitment to sustainability.

Responding to customer demand

Convenience-focused products are a must. Consumers want something that simply fits into their everyday, and food pouches appeal to that need. The lightweight design provides that quick grab-n-go option, making them more attractive. Resealable packaging can lead to longer freshness and less waste, ultimately providing a better customer experience.

Sustainability in our food pouches and bags

A final benefit, is that stand-up pouches can often be better for the environment. We’re constantly asking ourselves, how can we be more sustainable? Through collaboration and innovative designs, we’ve been able to develop new formats that are more economical throughout the entire supply chain.

For our stand-up pouches and pre-made bags, we have developed FFPE – a PE packaging laminate that is fully recyclable with carrier bags at larger supermarkets. This is a great option and a simple recycling solution for companies when it comes to recyclable packaging. It’s a strong, flexible and lightweight material which can be gas flushed and will run on exising machinery with no need for costly modifications. Meaning, it maintains its functionality, creates vibrant shelf appeal, all whilst supporting a greener future.

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