Reseal labels can provide numerous benefits for your brand and products, such as reduced food waste, easy accessibility, increased consumer convenience and the ability to have a tamper evident mechanism on printed film.

Constantia FFP can supply film on a reel with reseal labels already applied to your specifications. Used for flow wrap or lidding film applications, the film we supply will be ready to run on any standard heatseal lidding line that can run registered film. A flexible die is used to produce the easy-access opening and the film is then re-reeled ready to run as normal on your packing lines at your normal production speed with no need for costly modifications.

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Constantia FFP resealable packaging

Increased consumer convenience

Reseal labels are becoming increasingly popular in the fresh, snacking foods and bakery aisles thanks to the additional benefits and consumer convenience they provide. They can be resealed multiple times which can assist in maintaining product freshness and they can also be conveniently stacked in the cupboard or fridge so that there is no need to decant the contents into an alternative container. This gives brands a valuable opportunity to maintain visualisation throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Manufacturing capability and capacity

Constantia FFP have responded to the increased demand for reseal labels by installing a third reseal machine at our Northamptonshire based facility, which will accept film widths up to 650mm, opening the technique to larger flow-wrap formats. Film can be plain or printed and our outstanding print and lamination capabilities allow us to offer many decorative and eye-catching solutions such as tactile coatings, paper strip lamination and our own Platinum Print for packaging that really makes an impression and adds another dimension on shelf.


Reseals multiple times

Assists in maintaining product freshness

Tamper Evident mechanism

No need for machinery modifications

Runs at normal speeds

Sustainable options

HD printing available

Matt and Tactile finishes


Reseal labels are available on flow wrap or lidding film, providing unrivalled benefits and consumer convenience to a wide range of applications and market sectors.

Stand-up Pouches

Lidding film

Our lidding film is available with reseal labels applied and ready to run on your packing lines with no capital investment of costly machinery upgrades.

Flow Wrap

Flow wrap

Reseal labels lend themselves perfectly to flow wrap applications, especially in sectors such as bakery, where maintaining product freshness is a key advantage.


Constantia FFP have developed a sustainable packaging solution utilising reseal technology on lidding film to create a recyclable pack that can be collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system, as classified by OPRL.

Reseal labels applied to lidding film can also offer a lightweighting opportunity. As the reseal label can be fully printed it can potentially be used to replace an outer sleeve in certain applications, which can be both commercially and environmentally beneficial.




Fresh produce




Nuts and dried fruit

Chilled foods

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Standard Disclaimer

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