FFP is a specialist laminator, developing the right materials for our customers' packaging needs. We tailor laminates to suit the product, the packaging machinery and the decorative demands of the pack.

Multiple layers for multiple purposes - Flexible packaging is supplied either as a single layer (monolayer) film or as a multi-layer laminate, with layers performing specific functions within the structure of the packaging. The laminate is constructed with high-performance adhesives to make sure they perform superbly on your packing lines.

Strip lamination - Fantastic decorative possibilities available by combining materials - create 'deli-style' packaging with paper and OPP that runs at high speed on your normal packaging line.

We Work With the Best Material Suppliers - FFP has a strong relationship with a range of leading materials suppliers so we can advise on the best possible structure to meet your needs technically and commercially; we build laminates from PET, OPP, PE, CPP, paper, aluminium foil and many other materials.

Dedicated Hot Room

Five modern, High-speed Laminators - FFP operates five modern, high-speed laminating lines for maximum efficiency and production capacity.

Hot Room - FFP has a dedicated, insulated 'hot room' maintained at 40 deg C, allowing us to produce laminates using specialist, high-performance adhesive systems. We believe that we have more Hot Room capacity than any other manufacturer - certainly in Europe, possibly the world, so we can respond more quickly and more flexibly to more customers than anyone else.

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