Constantia FFP worked with Sykes Seafood to launch a range of convenient frozen microwaveable meal solutions in Recyclable pouches for Aldi UK

Aldi Sykes Seafood Steam & Serve recyclable pouches

Constantia FFP have a rich history of introducing innovative and new flexible packaging solutions to market. In more recent years the company have developed a reputation for bringing sustainable packaging that can be recycled now through existing collection streams to supermarket shelves and consumers homes.

Sykes Seafood are one of the UK’s leading independent frozen seafood suppliers who specialise in supplying high-quality frozen seafood to various market sectors, including Foodservice, Wholesale, Retail and Manufacturers. When Sykes Seafood approached Constantia FFP to discuss a new product range they were developing with Aldi UK that would provide consumers with an easy to cook and healthy choice of meal options, the packaging converter was delighted to suggest an exciting new recyclable product that would be a market first.

Aldi Sykes Seafood Steam & Serve recyclable pouch

The Brief

With busy lifestyles being a key factor in consumers meal choices, Aldi UK and Sykes Seafood were keen to develop a range of frozen ‘Ready to Cook’ meal solutions that were quick and easy to prepare but also full of flavour and healthy. The result was a delicious range of three ‘Steam and Serve’ seafood and sauce options that could be microwaved from frozen and ready in less than 5 minutes.

Sykes Seafood needed to find a high temperature packaging solution that could not only withstand the demands of going straight from freezer to microwave, but it also needed to be recyclable to meet Aldi UK’s pledge for all own label packaging to be reusable, recyclable or home compostable.

Aldi Sykes Seafood Steam & Serve recyclable pouch

The Solution

Constantia FFP proposed ‘PP-Steam’ an all PP (polypropylene) mono material laminate that ticked all the boxes. Not only did the material meet the functional demands of the product and could be microwaved from frozen, but it is also recyclable and provides outstanding consumer convenience.

Constantia FFP supplied Sykes Seafood with PP-Steam in the form of printed pre-made pouches, produced at their Northamptonshire facility. The PP-Steam pouches offer outstanding consumer convenience as the consumer doesn’t need to tear or pierce the pack prior to microwaving. The packs can simply be placed directly from the freezer into the microwave and heated. This is due to the unique valve technology applied to the pouches by Constantia FFP, that peels back under heat and pressure in the microwave allowing a controlled release of steam for a perfect cooking result. The valve shrinks linearly on heating to avoid re-sealing and therefore eliminates the risk of the pack imploding on cooling. The result is convenient, moist and perfectly cooked food with no fuss.

Aldi Sykes Seafood Steam & Serve recyclable pouch

The Response

David Williams, Senior Buyer at Sykes Seafood commented

“Bringing a new product range to market is very exciting but also has its challenges. When it came to the packaging we knew what we wanted to achieve in terms of functionality and recyclability and took this to Constantia FFP who presented us with a solution that met all of our criteria.” He continues “we worked very closely with Constantia FFP throughout the process and are delighted with the finished results. The products are now being very well received in Aldi stores across the UK and are offering customers a choice of incredibly convenient and easy to cook, healthy meal options.”

PP-Steam is a new sustainable innovation from Constantia FFP who were delighted to work closely with Sykes Seafood to bring a market first sustainable product to supermarket shelves and provide Aldi UK with a solution that supported their sustainable objectives whilst meeting the needs of their customers. It is available as reel fed material and as pre-made pouches or bags. The valve is applied to the material by Constantia FFP during the production process and runs as registered film on existing packaging lines at normal speeds without the need for costly modifications.

The ‘Steam & Serve’ range is available in three delicious recipes; ‘King Prawns in Creamy Pesto Sauce’, ‘Fish with Tomato, Oregano & Feta’ and ‘King Prawns in a Thai Green Curry’.

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