FFP Packaging Solutions work with JDM Food Group to produce 100% recyclable sachets for hot fill applications

FFP Packaging Solutions worked closely with JDM Food Group to produce 100% recyclable sachets that would successfully withstand the demanding hot fill process.

FFP are an existing flexible packaging supplier to JDM Food Group, an award winning food manufacturing company. JDM supply a wide range of products, including roasted vegetables, sauces, dressings, purees and marinades into a diverse customer base, including national supermarket chains, food manufacturers and meal box companies.

The Brief:

JDM Food Group use a high volume of sachets in their production and were using a PET/PE mixed polymer material for hot and cold fill applications that could not currently be recycled. As a business that takes their environmental responsibility very seriously and having already reached the achievement of becoming a ‘zero landfill’ site, JDM were extremely keen to investigate options that would allow them to move their sachets into a recyclable material without compromising on functionality.

FFP have a reputation for innovation that spans over 50 years and are leading the way in sustainable flexible packaging solutions. JDM were therefore confident that they would be able to develop a solution that would fulfil their very specific requirements.

The Solution:

There were a number of challenges to overcome; firstly, the material needed to be recyclable in the UK utilising the current infrastructure. It then needed to be suitable for the demands of the hot fill process with a minimum temperature of 75°C and for the solution to be commercially viable, it had to run at the same speed as JDM’s current film. The material also needed to have a barrier to avoid the risk of delamination due to the acidity of some of the products being packed, whilst still maintaining a recyclable status.

FFP suggested their all PE laminate called FFPE that could be supplied with an EVOH barrier. This would enable the sachets to be recycled with carrier bags at supermarkets as classified by OPRL and would also address the functionality of the pack, avoiding the risk of delamination. FFPE can be supplied printed or plain and will run efficiently on existing lines without the need for costly modifications.

Katie Smith, Category Manager at JDM comments:

“Our environmental responsibility is a core value for JDM and we were committed to finding a sustainable solution for our sachets. We were acutely aware that it was a tall order with a hot fill process, not to mention the requirement for a barrier film so that the functionality of the pack would not be impacted”. She continues, “We already had a great working relationship with FFP and with their reputation for innovation in sustainable packaging, we were confident they could provide a solution. They didn’t disappoint and the material they supplied runs efficiently at the same speed as our previous film, print quality on the printed material is outstanding and we now have a recyclable solution”.

FFP and JDM worked closely together, running trials to ensure the material would run effectively and efficiently in production with no drop off in throughput compared to the previous non-recyclable film that was being used. It was also stringently tested through the hot fill process to ensure no issues would arise during actual production runs. The resulting all PE sachets are now on shelves in major retailers and are 100% recyclable through current UK recycling streams.

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