FFP lidding film packaging - esterseal

Esterseal lidding film replaces clip-on lids to save weight and reduce packaging!

FFP’s Esterseal recyclable lidding film is having a huge impact on both packaging reduction and recyclability across the food sector.

Launched in January 2020, Esterseal can now be found on shelf in major supermarkets in various categories such as fresh, chilled, snacking and party foods. It has successfully addressed the issue of recycling flexible films which previously would have ended up in landfill or been sent for incineration. Classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL, the Esterseal film is not detached from the tray, allowing the consumer to put the entire pack into their pots, tubs and trays kerbside waste stream.

Esterseal represents a huge step forward in diverting waste from landfill and instead enabling it to be recycled. It is also having a significant impact on reducing the actual volume of packaging used in the food sector. One application that highlights Esterseal’s potential in removing a large volume of plastic from the supply chain is the replacement of ‘clip-on’ lids. Found on a wide range of foods such as dips, coleslaw, salads, olives and dairy products the ‘clip-on’ lid contributes considerably to the overall packaging weight and is in many cases also used in conjunction with lidding film. By utilising the lightweight option of Esterseal lidding film, an entire packaging element can potentially be removed. Not only does this have a huge positive impact on the volume of packaging used but it also provides a recyclable solution that can be collected at kerbside, whereas the lidding film on these packs would have previously been sent to landfill or for incineration.

The reduction in packaging and reduced weight of the overall pack presents other logistical benefits throughout the supply chain. These in turn can have a very real impact on reducing a business’ carbon footprint.

Esterseal offers many additional benefits to both brands and consumers. It is a fully printable solution, providing brand owners with the opportunity to keep their branding in front of consumers for the lifecycle of the product. It can also be resealed multiple times which can assist in maintaining product freshness and aid in portion control.  With a wide operating window and minimal set-up, Esterseal can run at high speed on standard lines.

FFP are currently working with leading UK food companies across various categories, to assist them in achieving both recyclability and a reduction in packaging by utilising Esterseal. Packs can already be seen on shelf in major supermarkets and as a result of increasing customer demand, FFP have recently invested in a new machine at their Northamptonshire site to enhance their laser profiling capability and increase capacity for Esterseal.

FFP Packaging Solutions are committed to the development of more sustainable materials and pack formats that can help to reduce the negative impact that some materials can have on our environment. Over the past 12 months, we have brought a number of sustainable packaging solutions to market that can be recycled now in current waste streams. To find out more, visit the sustainability pages of our website: https://www.ffppkg.co.uk/sustainability/