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Addressing the issue of recyclable packaging, FFPE is our all PE packaging laminate that can be recycled with carrier bags at larger supermarkets, as classified by OPRL. This is a huge step forward in sustainable flexible packaging as FFPE can be supplied with high barrier, opening up the potential applications to many sectors. It is also available as recyclable pouches which provides an immediate and viable sustainable solution to this growing market sector.

FFPE is a 100% recyclable packaging solution that can be gas flushed, is strong, flexible and lightweight, providing an exciting alternative for companies looking for a recyclable solution whilst still maintaining functionality and creating vibrant shelf-appeal.

Available in reel form, as stand-up pouches, pre-made bags and sachets, FFPE can be reverse printed to provide outstanding print quality and avoid print being scratched or rubbed off. Due to the laminate structure, FFPE performs well on packaging lines avoiding costly upgrades and can be easily tailored to meet your product requirements.

FFPE recyclable pouches

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100% Recyclable

FFPE can be recycled in current waste streams within the UK. It is an all PE laminate that can be recycled with bags at larger stores, as classified by OPRL. FFPE has opened up sustainable packaging opportunities to a wide range of market sectors.


100% Recyclable
High print quality
Performs well on packing lines
High barrier options
Manufactured in the UK

Technical Data

Structure: Printed or plain laminate (with or without barrier)
Guage Range: Non-barrier -50μm to 120μm (+/-10%)
Barrier -65μm to 120μm (+/-10%)to meet OPRL maximum of 5% EVOH in structure


Barrier: MVTR: <5g/m²/day
OTR(>75mu): <2cm³/m²/day (High Barrier Option)
OTR (65 to 75mu): <3cm³/m²/day (High Barrier Option)
Print Process: Flexo
Maximum Number of Colours: 8
Pouch Features: Zip, Tear notch, Handle
Sustainability Credentials: Recycle with bags at larger stores
Finishing Options: Printed or clear, Windows, Recloseable options, White film available
Formats: Reel form, stand-up pouches, VFFS, HFFS and Sachet(including hot fill)
recyclable food sachet pouches


Frozen foods
Nuts & Dried Fruit
Savoury Snacks
Food to go
Rice, Pasta & Pulses
Pet foods
Sports Nutrition
Fresh Meat & Poultry

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All of our products / materials are made to order, therefore minimum order quantities apply.

Standard Disclaimer

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