Although flexible packaging has always been seen in non-food industries, it has certainly grown in popularity in recent years. The robust yet lightweight qualities that flexible packaging can offer and the ability to add barrier options make it a solution that is difficult to dismiss.

From garden and household products to soaps and personal care items, non-food packaging is subjected to the same pressures and competitive markets as their food counterparts. Quality, robust and functional packaging is key to the success of a product, whilst eye-catching pack designs and materials provide dynamic shelf appeal. The commitment of brands to move to sustainable packaging also carries through to the non-food sector and helps to build brand loyalty with their customers.

EcoLamHighPlus packaging
Soap bar packaging

Constantia FFP Solutions

The trends that have been seen in the food sector have been reflected across non-food, with demand for pouches growing and consumer appetite for sustainable packaging being a key issue that brands and retailers need to address head-on.

Resealable packaging is again a feature that presents consumers with added convenience and ease of use. Packs with multiple measures and reusable products, can be kept within the packaging keeping the brand name in front of their customers.

With state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing capabilities and a technical team with decades of experience and expertise, we are extremely well positioned to support brands in developing and producing flexible packaging for their non-food products. Our solutions include:

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Pre-made bags
  • Resealable packaging
  • Flow wrap
  • Sachet
  • Cold seal
  • Lidding film
  • Recyclable

Non-Food Packaging Range

Pouches & Bags



Resealable Packaging

Film on a Reel

Film on a Reel

Recyclable Laminates & Pouches

Recyclable packaging

Lidding Film - Recyclable

Pre-made Bags

Paper - Recyclable

Flow Wrap


Constantia FFP is committed to developing sustainable packaging solutions and has bought to market a number of innovative and award winning solutions that are recyclable and can be collected now through existing waste collection streams.

Mono Material Recyclable Laminates

Our mono material recyclable laminates are demanding shelf space as they are extremely versatile and can be recycled with carrier bags at supermarkets. Available in reel form, as stand-up pouches or pre-made bags, they offer high barrier solutions where gas flushing is required. These products are strong, flexible and lightweight, providing an exciting alternative for companies looking for a recyclable solution whilst still maintaining functionality and creating vibrant shelf-appeal.

Paper Packaging Solutions

Another solution that we can supply and that we are seeing increased demand from in the personal care and cosmetics sector is paper based packaging. With a tactile and natural look and feel, it is appealing to consumers and brands who are seeking a sustainable solution that can be widely recycled.

Recyclable Lidding Film

Constantia FFP have developed a recyclable lidding film that represents a major development in sustainable packaging. The resealable mono material lidding film, available in either PET or PP, has been designed to be used with a tray of the same material to produce the first mono material resealable pack in the UK to be classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system.



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