PP-Steam is an innovation from FFP that makes microwave cooking simple, consistent, and convenient. Most importantly, it can be recycled by returning it to large supermarkets, as classified by OPRL.

After the success of their Estersteam flexible microwaveable packaging, FFP has moved one step further with the development of a recyclable solution, PP-Steam. Recyclable by returning to store through the PP (polypropylene) waste collection stream, PP-Steam supports FFP’s continued sustainability mission.

Jack Watson, Technical Director at FFP comments;

“FFP is proud of its reputation for innovation and bringing products to market which meet consumer needs. Our expertise in high-temperature packaging and knowledge of the recycling chain has allowed us to focus our NPD on developing sustainable solutions, which can be conveniently recycled in current waste streams. PP-Steam is the next step in that important journey.”


The expert technicians at FFP consistently look at ways to introduce advanced and eco-friendly solutions that’ll evolve the food packaging industry. With PP-Steam, they’ve applied their tried and tested valve technology from Estersteam to the design, so consumers don’t need to pierce or tear the packaging, but can place it straight in the microwave.

PP-Steam’s primary feature is its recyclability. Yet, the attached valve and vent provide more controlled and consistent cooking results for consumers; as the heat increases, the valve peels back to release pressure, whilst the vent helps prevent implosion. For our customers, the valve is pre-applied by FFP during the production process, allowing the film to be run as a registered film on existing packaging lines at normal speed with no changes to existing packaging lines required.

Sustainable Solutions

FFP has previously demonstrated how flexible packaging solutions provide a sustainable option and a positive impact on brands, and PP-Steam is no exception. Available in reel form, pre-made bags or stand-up pouches, this film can be supplied fully printed for ultimate shelf appeal for suppliers and consumers.

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